Here in Canada as much as one third of the family population utilizes some form of day care for their children. As this number may change because of mothers or fathers returning to the workforce a decision is eminent as to what kind of child care facility they will use. This is specifically important when their children are not yet old enough to attend school or old enough to care for themselves after school. In either scenario, making a choice between using a babysitting service or a daycare can affect a child’s development in the long run.

The benefits of a day care centre are

  • The centre provides greater social interaction
  • Caters to education and learning

These two factors out weigh using a babysitting service because of the average of a babysitter and that fact that they are not licensed to administer proper care for a child. The education programs found within day care centres follow content-based curriculums in subjects such as science, math, and social studies. Furthermore, the staff at any day care centre is licensed, trained and under strict supervision to ensure proper care for children.
Babysitters comparatively are great for using for a night out for the parents and on a temporary base. However, for a long term the lack of social interaction with peers, coupled with a lack of educational reinforcement that comes with utilizing a babysitter will do more harm than good over time, according to child development professionals.

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