Ontario child care subsidy and supplement

In Ontario the child care benefit ended as of July 2014. However, families may still apply to receive this benefit  as long as an application is received before December 31 2015. The Ontario Child Care supplement fund will supply these monies.

More importantly, if a family files after December 31, 2015 they will not receive any supplemental funding.

The  Ontario Child Care Subsidy on the other hand receives its funding through a shared burden of the Ontario Government, municipal principalities, and First Nations communities. Determining eligibility follows these guidelines

  • The Child being cared for is under 12 years of age, if the child is a special needs, then the age is 18 years of age.
  • The child is enrolled in a licensed  day care program
  • The child is enrolled in an approved recreational program
  • The child participates in a board controlled before and after school program

Paying for such programs is determined by the amount of an adjusted net income minus the amount of the universal child care benefit. The result of this calculation is the amount a family is expected to pay for any of the above programs.

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