Redemption Games

redemption games

We have fun in mind and with that we are now offering redemption games. These are games that give out tickets as winnings which are redeemable for different prizes through our store. We have plush toys, novelty items, jewellery and some candies. The way this works is the better the child is at a game the more tickets they will win. The greater number of tickets the bigger the prize.

The tickets are available to save or redeem directly after winning. The more you save, the greater the prize. However, the prizes are sold for immediate enjoyment as well. If you are unsure of the number of tickets you have, we have automatic ticket counters that will determine this for you. Lastly, all our prizes are suitable for children 5 to 50.

These types of games are perfect for parties of all kinds, germane to youth groups, birthdays, and even corporate events. Our facility is a great place to celebrate any kind of occasion. Hit the button below and book with us today!

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