3 fun games to play at birthday parties in Ottawa

These fun and easy games will keep kids entertained at birthday parties in Ottawa

Planning kids’ birthday parties can be a lot of work, especially if you’re doing it alone. You have to make sure there’s enough food, drinks, loot bags, and seating for everyone, plus decorate and plan games. Games are an important part of kids’ birthday parties because they keep kids entertained and having fun. Thankfully, there are fun kids’ games that are easy to plan and play so everyone can have fun. And if you’d prefer to have someone else do all the other party planning work for you, consider hosting at a venue for kids’ birthday parties in Ottawa. The following are three fun and easy games that kids can enjoy at the next birthday party.

PRIZE WALK (Ages 2+)

Prize Walk is a fun non-competitive game since every player wins a prize.


Write numbers 1 to 30 on paper squares and tape them on the floor in a circle. Also, write numbers 1 to 30 on small paper squares and place them in a bowl or basket.

How to Play:

To start the game, get each player to stand on a number on the floor. Once you turn the music on, the players will walk around the circle of numbers. Once the music stops, the players must stop and stand on a number (like musical chairs). You will then pull a number out of the bowl or basket and present a prize to the player who is standing on that number. Keep playing until everyone wins a prize.


This game of light-footedness is fun and very easy to set up.


Lay out a large five-foot piece of bubble wrap on the floor. If the kids are older, you can have teams compete against each other, which will require three large pieces of bubble wrap instead.

How to Play:

For a game without teams, have each player walk across the bubble wrap barefoot. Whoever can cross without popping any of the bubbles—or the least amount of bubbles—wins.

For the team race, the team who can cross without popping any bubbles—or the least amount of bubbles—wins.


A funny game of music, balloons, and challenges.


Write age-appropriate challenges on small pieces of paper such as trivia questions, physical tests (i.e. lick your elbow), reciting the alphabet backward, and singing songs. Place challenges in balloons prior to inflating them. Make as many challenges and balloons as you’d like—the more you have, the longer the game will be.

How to Play:

Turn on music and give the players a balloon to bop in the air while the music is playing. When the music stops, the player who last touched the balloon must pop it and complete the challenge inside.

These games are easy to set up and fun for everyone, making kids’ birthday parties even more entertaining.