Don’t Leave Your Kids inside This Summer—Daytime Summer Camps Keep Them Active!

It may seem far off now, but before you know it your kids will be off for the summer holidays. Avoid the scramble to find a babysitter or other arrangement while your kids get to enjoy the great indoors all throughout their vacation, and consider the benefits of a summer day camp. Unlike a live-in camp, these great Ottawa summer camps allow you to drop off your kids in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day, making them significantly less expensive—but they still have many of the benefits of their full-time counterparts, especially in keeping children active throughout the summer.

Making New Friends & Building Social Skills

Making friends is never a bad thing, and social development is incredibly important to a child’s future successes. Unfortunately, some children struggle with this in school due to the emergence early on of cliques and friend groups. Ottawa summer camps offer a unique opportunity to start fresh, with new kids and new possibilities. As they play games and complete activities together, they’ll build new bonds, and perhaps even return to school in the fall with a newly-invigorated sense of self-confidence.

Maintaining a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

It’s hard to remember to be as active as we should be—let alone to eat nutritiously, too! And in the summer time, it can be easy for kids to start off relaxing and unwinding from a long school year, only to end up in a habit of sitting inside all day and becoming inactive. When you enroll them in a daytime summer camp, you can rest assured that every day there will be activities planned that keep your children active throughout the day, both indoors and out (as often as the weather permits)! Between unstructured play time, games, sports, and other activities, they’re also sure to whip up quite an appetite—which why it’s a good thing they’ll get wholesome snacks and lunches too.

Experiencing New Things

The best way for kids to learn and grow is to have new experiences. By trying new things and meeting new people, they have the opportunity to discover passions and talents they might not have otherwise. And at a day camp, they’ll have countless opportunities to do exactly that. From new and exciting activities to new friends, special guests, and other events, every day will bring something new into their lives. It’s not just something to do with their days while you’re at work—it’s a learning experience that will help them discover more about themselves.

If you want your kids to spend the summer making new friends, staying active, and gaining valuable new experiences, enroll them in Ottawa summer camps!