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Play These Fun Games for Kids’ Birthday Parties in Ottawa

When planning your kid’s next birthday party, include games to add to the fun. If you don’t have enough space in your home, or you want help with planning and catering, consider hosting the party at a rental room for birthday parties in Ottawa. These venues cater to all of your party needs and have enough space for plenty of kids.


Bingo is a fun game for kids of all ages. This game can be customized to your birthday party theme, such as using animals, cartoon characters, vehicles, or colours instead of numbers. You can customize and print Bingo templates easily online.

Pin the Tail on The Donkey

This classic birthday party game is always a hit with kids. You can also customize this game to match the party theme. Print out a large copy of a donkey, or other themed idea, and cut out the object to be pinned. Some creative variations include:

  • Pin the bellybutton jewel on the troll;
  • Pin the crown on the princess;
  • Pin the eyepatch (or parrot) on the pirate; and,
  • Pin the hat on the cat.
  • Red Light/Green Light

This game requires enough open space for kids to run back and forth, but is quite fun and energy expending for kids. It might be a good idea to play after the cake has been served and the kids are full of energy. To play, have a person stand at one end of the room and act as a traffic light, yelling “green light” for go, and “red light” for stop. The group of players will run to the traffic light player when they have the “green light” and stop in their places when there’s a “red light.” Whoever reaches or runs past the traffic light first wins the game.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for kids of all ages, and can be made easy or difficult depending on the age of the children. To plan the scavenger hunt, use age-appropriate toys or items—these can be related to the birthday party theme. Have enough items so each kid has a chance at finding an item. Make a list of the items and a copy of the list for each player. Hide the items around your home, yard, or party area, and have the kids search for the treasures on the list. With this game, everyone is a winner, even if they only find one item.


This game combines Pictionary with Telephone and can be bought or played with your own materials. Have each player choose a word from a hat, and get them to draw the word in a notebook (think age-appropriate and birthday-themed). They will then pass the notebook to the player on their right and this player will write down their guess of what the drawing is. The result is funny drawings and answers to entertain the group. Plan these fun games and more for fun kids’ birthday parties in Ottawa.