Want to keep the family fun going as fall rolls around? Here are six great indoor activities for kids in Ottawa!

Keep Your Kids Occupied on Rainy Fall Days with these Fun Indoor Activities for Kids in Ottawa

The arrival of fall in Ottawa brings chilly rainy weather. And while there are still a few nice days left, you will have to keep the kids occupied indoors more often than not. But that doesn’t mean they have to sit in front of the TV all day. There are plenty of fun indoor activities for kids in Ottawa to enjoy, such as a bringing them to an indoor playground or setting up fun activities at home. Here are some great ideas to keep you and your kids busy when it’s rainy and cold outside.

Arts & Crafts

Colouring, painting, paper mâché, and simple cut-and-paste crafts—such as collages and scrapbooking—will certainly keep the kids occupied. There are even adult colouring books for Mom and Dad so you can have your own colouring fun. Arts and crafts time will get the creative juices flowing and let kids express themselves artistically.

Scavenger Hunts

For a simple activity that could occupy the kids for several hours, create an indoor scavenger hunt. Just write or type up a list of objects around the home that your kids can search for. Once they’ve checked off everything on the list, you can treat them with a small prize such as a tasty snack or the choice of a movie for the whole family to watch.

Indoor Home Movie Theatre

Even if you don’t have a projector, you can still set up the living room to be cozy for the whole family with cushions, blankets, and bean bag chairs. Also, popcorn is a must for the true movie theatre experience. Watching a movie while cuddling with the kids is a great way to spend a rainy fall day indoors.

Visit the Library

There are plenty of libraries around Ottawa to visit, with some even having a reading time for kids. While you’re at the library, have your kids choose some books to take home. Reading is a nice, relaxing activity that will keep your kids’ imaginations running, even on dreary days.

Bake Healthy Treats

Baking is a fun way to teach kids the basics of cooking and the importance of eating healthy. If your kids have fun while baking with you, they will certainly want to eat the healthy food they’ve helped prepare, and they will be more inclined to help you with the cooking in the future. This will certainly pay off when it comes to breakfast-in-bed on Mother’s Day!

Build a Fort

Kids love building and playing in forts. If you allow them the freedom to do this activity, they could be occupied for hours. You can help them by providing extra cushions, bedding, and even a flashlight so they can play and read inside the fort. And if they get tired, they may even have naptime in the fort.

Although the arrival of cold and rainy fall weather means less time spent comfortably outdoors, there are still plenty of fun activities to enjoy indoors. And if you want to get your kids moving, consider dancing, yoga, or fun obstacle courses for physical activities. Make the most of your time with the kids this fall with these fun indoor activities for kids in Ottawa.