If you've got a child in daycare in Ottawa, giving your daycare provider a small gift will be appreciated.

Say Thank You by Giving a Thoughtful Gift at the Daycare Christmas Party

The holidays are a time to show appreciation to others through gift-giving and festivities. It’s common to give gifts to colleagues and coworkers at company Christmas parties. But if you’ve got a child in a daycare in Ottawa, you might also consider a small gift for the holiday season.

Although daycare providers don’t expect gifts from parents during the holidays, they definitely appreciate them. A small gift to say thank you for their hard work means a lot, especially since daycare providers work hard throughout the year to supervise and teach the children in their care.

Here are a few simple gift ideas that you can consider for your Ottawa daycare provider:

  • A Gift Card: Gift cards are simple and flexible, allowing the cardholders to choose when and how to use them. Gift cards to restaurants, spas, movie theatres, or book stores are thoughtful and appreciated.
  • Homemade Cookies: A tin of delicious homemade cookies from you and your kids will be fun to make and well appreciated by your daycare provider. They can enjoy and share the cookies with loved ones over the holidays.
  • A Bath Set: Bath sets are great gift ideas for Ottawa daycare providers who enjoy treating themselves to a spa experience at home, especially during the cold Ottawa winters. When choosing a bath set, aim for soothing scents that are not too strong and overpowering.
  • Chocolates: Chocolate is always a popular gift, especially over the holidays when people let themselves indulge in sweeter things. Boxes of chocolate are also fun to share with guests over the holidays.
  • A Gift Basket: Gift baskets are fun to make and open. You and your kids can choose what items to put in the basket, making the gift from the whole family. You might consider including coffee mugs, scented candles, chocolates, nuts, tea, hot chocolate, warm socks or slippers, bath products, books, movies, and bags of candied popcorn.
  • A Thoughtful Card: Sometimes a card is enough. Write a thoughtful note to your daycare provider, thanking them for their hard work and taking care of your kids throughout the year. You can also have your kids sign the card, or, even better, have your kids make their own card.

Gifts for your child’s daycare provider don’t have to be complicated—no matter what you choose, it’ll be appreciated. It’s a small token of appreciation to recognize their hard work at what can be a very stressful time of the year.