8 Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Make the most out of summer with these fun ideas for birthday parties in Ottawa

The nice summer weather allows for many fun-themed birthday party. If it happens to rain or you would rather stay out of the sun, you can also have fun indoor birthday parties in Ottawa. When planning your kids’ summer birthday party, ask them what kind of party they would like, and consider browsing these ideas with them as well.

Camp Out

Kids love camping out, even if it’s just in the backyard. For a fun camping-themed birthday party, set up a few tents, have a bonfire, cook some s’mores and hot dogs, and play card games. The invitations could be shaped like tents and ask guests to bring a sleeping bag and pillow.


A luau is a vibrant celebration with music, dancing, and feasting. You can decorate your backyard—or indoor space if it’s raining—with colourful streamers, umbrellas, decorative palm trees, pineapples, and flowers. Kids can dress up in tropical wear and feast with a barbecue and summer fruit. Invitations to the party could be shaped like a pineapple or a flower.

Ice Cream Parlour

Set up your own ice cream bar with different flavours of ice cream, toppings, cones, bowls, and dairy-free options. Kids can make their own ice cream treats, or you can take their orders. Decorate with ice cream cone decorations, pastel-coloured streamers, and balloons. Send out invitations shaped like ice cream cones, and ask parents about their kids’ dietary restrictions.

Movie Night

If it’s a beautiful summer evening, set up a personal movie theatre in your backyard so the kids can watch a movie under the stars. If it’s raining, they can still enjoy a movie indoors. Set up mood lighting, comfortable seating, blankets, and pillows, and serve up popcorn and your kid’s favourite treats. For invitations, consider cards shaped as movie reels or popcorn buckets.


Whether in your backyard or at a park, you can enjoy carnival-themed birthday parties in Ottawa during the nice summer weather. Use bright balloons and carnival decorations, and set up booths and tents with sheets and ropes or clothesline hanging between trees. The booths can include a face-painting station, fake tattoo applications, and games with prizes. You can barbecue carnival foods and serve up popcorn and treats. Consider sending out carnival tent invitations.

Nature Exploration

Go for a nature walk with the kids in a nearby park. You can plan a nature-themed treasure hunt, having them identify things in nature—such as rocks, leaves, flowers, birds, and squirrels. You can also set up a picnic and encourage the kids to play fun outdoor games. Invitations could be shaped like leaves, trees, or acorns.

Aquatic Adventure

A water-themed birthday party is fun for a hot summer day. If you have a pool, then a pool party is a must. Water activities such as slip-n-slides, water balloons, super soakers, and sprinklers are also fun for kids. Decorate with fish and beach decorations, blue balloons and streamers, and send out snorkel, fish, or star fish invitations.

Game Day

Whether your kid has a favourite sport, or just wants to play many games outdoors, have a game-themed party with decorations to match. Serve up a barbecue and send out invitations related to the sport or games.

Summer is the time for outdoor fun, so make the most of it with one of these summer birthday party ideas.