A look at the challenges new daycare settings can pose for kids and how parents can help with the transition

It can be difficult for kids to change daycares as they are already used to their current surroundings. However, there are ways parents can help smooth the transition so that they will have a better time adjusting to their new settings. Sending kids to a daycare in Ottawa that has a caring and well-trained staff on board can help with this transition.

A study of young children found that frequent changes in daycare settings could make it difficult for children to form social connections in preschool. However, the effects are small and the changes in teachers didn’t seem to have any effects.

The instability of frequently changing daycares can make children feel insecure. This is because children must adjust to their new daycare settings, routines, peers, and adults. Parents can help with these adjustments by being supportive and promoting a healthy and secure relationship with their kids early on. In turn, this will help kids develop positive social connections with others.

Also, parents should develop a routine for their kids at home, read books and talk to their kids about making changes. Once a child understands that routines change with different settings, they will be able to better adjust and feel more secure in their new settings.

Bringing your kids to the new daycare a few times before making the change will allow them to familiarize themselves with the new setting, peers, and adults. Parents are then able give the new daycare teachers helpful information from the previous teachers such as their kids’ behaviours, favourite toys, games, comforts, etc. This ensures that the new daycare teachers will be better equipped to help out with the transition.

Young children are able to make friendships and strong social connections, so it’s important for parents to respect these relationships when changing daycares. Staying in touch with friends from the previous daycare can help kids maintain social connections and also promoting socialization through play dates with new peers can help with the transition.

Changing daycares is common for many families such as those who are moving, or experiencing changes in employment. As long as parents take the time to help their kids adjust to their new daycare settings, the change shouldn’t be too hard. Also, sending kids to a quality daycare in Ottawa with experienced teachers can help with the transition.