Check out our alternative company Christmas party ideas in Ottawa this season.

Switch it Up This Season with Some Off-The-Beaten-Path Company Christmas Party Ideas

Company Christmas parties are a fun way to show staff appreciation during the holiday season. And while employees are usually pleased with free food and gifts, a fun theme can really bring life to the party. If you’re in charge of party planning, why not try something different this year? There are plenty of fun themes to offer an out-of-the-ordinary Christmas party.

Whether your party is in-house or at a fun party venue that caters to themed corporate events, here are some alternative company Christmas party ideas that are sure to please the crowd.

The Amazing Race Christmas Party

Plan a fun and exciting scavenger hunt to different areas in your venue. Participants will have to successfully complete tasks at each location before they can move on to the next stop. These tasks could include solving riddles, answering trivia questions, and completing physical challenges, such as stacking cards or eating something strange.

Once a task is completed, the participants will need a memento to prove that they’ve completed the task—such as a sticker, stamp, or a photo. The last stop on the scavenger hunt could be the party room, with food, drinks, and music. At the end of the race, you can give out prizes to those who finished first, second, and third.

Santa’s Workshop Christmas Party

For another interactive party theme, set up the party room like Santa’s workshop. Along with colourful Christmas decorations, you can organize workstations with elves who have activities planned for guests. These activities could promote creativity and team-building, such as:

  • Building gingerbread houses;
  • Building reindeer from Popsicle sticks;
  • Decorating cookies and other treats; and,
  • Crafting ornaments and decorations.

And since it’s Santa’s workshop, Santa should be present at the party. You can look for volunteers from work to dress as Santa and have a station for guests to have their photos taken. Liven the photoshoot with funny props for guests to use with Santa.

Also consider asking guests to bring donations for a local charity, such as toys, food, and warm clothing for families in need. It wouldn’t be Santa’s workshop without thinking about the children!

Holidays Around the World Party

While Christmas is a fun holiday to celebrate, not everyone celebrates Christmas. You can encourage guests to dress in their festive garb and bring a traditional holiday dish. Or, why not go the extra mile and provide these multicultural dishes at the party? You can also create a music playlist that includes both Christmas songs and songs celebrating other winter holidays.

This year, consider these fun alternative company Christmas party ideas to liven up the party. These will make for a nice change to the traditional work Christmas party, and your staff will appreciate something new and different.