Getting back into routine after Ottawa summer camps can leave kids feeling blue.

How To Help Your Children Escape The Ottawa Summer Camp Blues

Even though Ottawa summer camps have come to an end and kids are back in classes, there are plenty of ways you can have a fun at home so your children don’t get too sad thinking about their days at camp. Sure, there’s not much you can do when they have to go to school or daycare, but when they’re done for the day you can give them a real home camp experience. Read on for ideas and inspiration!

Time With Friends

A huge part of going to Ottawa summer camps is making friends and spending a lot of time with them. Obviously your kids will reunite with old ones friends make new ones at school or daycare, but they won’t be able to socialize the same way. You can ease this transition by inviting your child’s friends to come sleep over so they can continue to feel the independent socialization they got while away at a summer camp in Ottawa.

Special Activities

Even though your child may still enjoy watching TV or playing on the computer, making an effort to do some activities that would be found at Ottawa summer camps can lift their spirits when they’re missing the summer. Take the time out for crafts, or ask your child to show you what games they played while they were at camp. Combining camp activities with their new routine can help avoid the post-camp blues.

Outdoor Time

Perhaps the biggest change kids have to deal with after summer camps end is a lack of outdoors time. It’s so easy to come by at camp, but can be trickier to fit into the fall routine. Something as simple as a few hours in the park—with or without friends—can really help get rid of those post-camp blues. If you want to have an even more unique experience you could take some time out on a weekend to pitch a tent in the backyard or go for a hike in a local park.

Engage Learning

Even though there’s a lot you can do to create a camp experience at home to ease the transition back into school or daycare, you can also make your child feel better about their new routine by helping them feel good about school and learning new things. Taking an interest in your child’s school day will help them enjoy their daily activities more.

Summer camp blues are something that will likely fade away as the school year goes by, but you can help your children quickly adjust to their new routines by following the advice above. And if it makes them feel any better, you can always discuss which Ottawa summer camps they might attend next summer, giving them something to look forward to through the year!