Ottawa summer camps are perfect place for your children to grow and play, but how do you choose the right one?

We’ve Put Together These Tips to Pick the Perfect Camp for Your Child

Summer break is only a few months away. So if you’re planning to send your kids to summer camp, now is the time to start signing them up.

Summer camp is a great option for kids in the summer. It gives them a fun place to be each day while you’re at work, and it takes away the stress of finding alternative childcare.

To help you choose the best Ottawa summer camps for your kids, consider these tips and reasons why summer camp is the place to be.

Summer Camp Benefits

Physical Activity

Since kids spend most of the school year sitting, it’s important to get them up and active during the summer. Ottawa summer camps are all about having fun and staying active.

Kids will spend their days running, jumping, climbing, and playing. And while they’re having fun, they can associate physical activity with positive experiences. This will help develop positive attitudes towards physical activity at a young age.

Unplugged Activities

Another benefit of being up and active at camp is that kids will be away from screens. Summers could easily pass by while kids are in front of the computer or TV.

But at camp, that constant screen time isn’t an option. Instead, kids will have to enjoy their time socializing and exploring the real world. They can discover their creative sides and realize that there’s more to life than video games and TV shows.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Many summer camp activities are outdoors, allowing kids to connect with nature. This gives kids a better understanding of the vast world around them. It also promotes an appreciation for nature. Kids can learn to respect the environment and become environmentally responsible.

Unstructured Play

School and home activities tend to follow rigid schedules. There’s only so much time in a day, so schedules and routines are important for kids.

But unstructured play is also important. And at camp, kids are free to play all day long. Unstructured play helps kids form relationships and let their imaginations run free.


Summer camp allows kids to experience non-competitive activities. In this environment, kids can build self-confidence and self-esteem. Camp is about having fun. The competitive pressures kids face at school and in sports do not exist at summer camp.


Ottawa summer camps are safe spaces for kids to try new things, overcome fears, and get out of their comfort zones. In turn, kids are able to become more resilient to change and new experiences. They can also discover and refine their interests, passions, and hobbies.


Since camp doesn’t have parents or teachers around, kids can learn to make decisions on their own. There are camp counsellors supervising and guiding activities. But kids are able to make their own choices in a safe environment. And this freedom helps them grow independent and develop as individuals.

Social Skills

Camp teaches kids to work together as a team. They learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships with others. This includes effective communication skills, sharing, respect, and empathy.

Kids also learn critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in a group environment. And it provides them with opportunities to take on leadership roles. This can help get them out of their shell and become more social.

Life-Long Skills

Children learn various hands-on skills at camp that they can use throughout their lives. These include creative arts, crafts, sports, physical skills, and outdoor adventure skills.

Lasting Friendships

Since summer camp is a fun environment, kids feel comfortable with each other. The can develop lasting friendships from summer camp.

If your kids are amongst like-minded peers, they will probably make a good friend or two over the summer.

Choosing the Perfect Camp

Ask for Parent Recommendations

Ask other parents for camp recommendations to help you decide on a credible Ottawa summer camp. If your kids’ friends are also going to a summer camp, consider that place as an option. Having a friend around can make going to camp easier for kids.

Look for Accredited/Licensed Summer Camps

Do your research on quality summer camps in Ottawa. Look for camps that are licensed and have trained staff. Quality summer camps ensure kids develop skills, have fun, and are well cared for.

Find Camps that are Within Your Budget

There are summer camps in Ottawa that have reasonable prices to suit your budget. And if you find a camp, but the costs are too high, see if they offer a scholarship or other financial assistance.

Find Camps that Suit Your Work Schedule

Look for summer day camps with extended hours so you have time to drop off and pick up your kids before and after work. Also take into account the commute time when choosing a location. Some day camps have flexible hours, starting from as early as 7:30 am and running until 5:30 pm.

Visit the Camp with Your Kids

Bring your kids to the camp to meet the staff and get a feel for the place. Your kids should have some say in the choice. Remember that kids may be scared to start camp at first, just like the first day of school. But when they become familiar and start making friends, they will enjoy their days of play at summer camp.

Once you’ve decided on which Ottawa summer camps to send your kids, enroll them as soon as possible. Summer camp spaces fill up quickly, especially in the spring. Secure your child’s spot soon so they can have a fun, active, and rewarding summer.