Company Christmas party ideas can be a challenge, but focusing on activities that encourage your staff to get to know one another is a great way to break the ice.

Fun And Festive Company Christmas Party Ideas For Everyone To Enjoy

With October come and gone, Christmas isn’t too far off. If you’ve put off planning the company Christmas party until now, then it’s time to buckle down, book a venue, and get the details sorted out. Christmas parties are a great way for companies to show their appreciation for their staff, and for staff to mingle and get to know each other a bit better. The only challenge is coming up with company Christmas party ideas that’ll have everyone enjoying themselves.

Once you’ve chosen a venue, you can plan a few fun activities to get the party going. Icebreakers are always a great option as they help staff bond. Staff bonding will benefit the company’s bottom line in the future, and helps build a sense of community among coworkers.

Simple Festive Icebreakers

These games are designed to get people mingling and break through cautious chit-chat. Try them out to get everyone on the same page with laughter and to encourage conversation:

  • Christmas Carol Pictionary—this festive spin on a party classic will have guests drawing all twelve days of Christmas in no time.
  • Charades—the categories can include favourite songs, films, and stories from the holidays. With workers acting out topics such as “tree decorations,” you’re sure to have the ice broken quickly.
  • Mad Libs—try using a Mad Libs formula for “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and having everyone vote on the funniest entry.

Involved Activities

These games and activities are a bit more involved than simpler icebreakers and frequently have teams and more complex rules. But don’t worry—they’re just as fun as your icebreakers, and help promote teamwork and co-operation in many cases. You might even discover another side of your coworkers you’ve never seen before!

  • Holiday Movie Trivia—this one will appeal to the film buffs in your company. Divide staff into teams and test their Christmas movie knowledge. You can have prizes for your top team that tie-in with the Christmas themes, too!
  • Funniest Christmas Presents: True Or False?—all players list three Christmas presents they’ve received, but only two of them are real presents. The game is to spot the lie.
  • Co-worker Bingo—all staff receive a list of 10-15 general or specific traits, or preferred work activities, and must go around the room finding people who match an item on the list. The first person to cross off all items on their list gets to shout “BINGO!” and win the game.

Building Bonds Between Staff

It can be a challenge to build company culture, but regular staff events can go a long way towards that goal. They also encourage a sense of camaraderie and belonging in staff, which means they’ll be a lot happier coming in to work knowing they’re among friends. Happy staff means the company will run that much more smoothly, and a company running smoothly will build a better bottom-line in the long run.

Make sure to plan at least a few games for your company Christmas party, since games are important for staff to bond and create lasting working relationships. These relationships will benefit the company year-round because a shared happy and healthy team environment will boost productivity in the office.