Company Christmas party ideas on a budget can still boost staff morale.

Boost Morale With A Fun Tradition For Staff That Won’t Break The Bank

As the holiday season approaches, most employees look forward to the company Christmas party. These parties allow everyone to celebrate the festive season, get to know each other better, and hang out in a less formal environment. Even if the budget is tight at the end of the year, it is important to still throw holiday parties to boost employee morale. These simple company Christmas party ideas show that you don’t have to break the bank to have fun.

Whether in the office or at a family-friendly venue, companies can show they appreciate their staff and keep morale high going with these company Christmas party ideas:


The holidays are a time for people to get together and enjoy themselves. Potlucks ensure that everyone is well fed and that there is something for everyone to enjoy. To plan a successful potluck, make a list of dishes that each person is bringing to avoid people doubling up and bringing the same thing.

If you notice that there’s little variety on the list, ask if anyone is willing to bring something else to mix things up. Cookies and meatballs are great, but you can only eat so many before you want something else!

Secret Santa

If your company has been facing cutbacks and there is not enough money to buy each employee a gift, Secret Santa is a fun way to enjoy a gift exchange without the added high costs. Set a maximum amount for the gifts (say $10 to $20) so no one will feel obligated to overspend. The excitement surrounding Secret Santa can make employees feel like kids again.

Charity Donations

The joy of giving, especially to those who are most in need, is an essential part of the holiday spirit. Throughout the weeks leading up to your office Christmas party, collect donations from staff to give to families and charities—toys, clothes, winter garments, non-perishable foods, movies, music, and anything else your staff is willing to donate.

At your holiday party, you can make gift baskets to give to families in need, or box and bag items to bring to charities such as the Food Bank or the Snowsuit Fund. Your employees will see how much a small donation from each person can help.

Tree Decorating Party

Decorating a tree is a festive addition to food and music at a holiday party. Everyone can bring a decoration to add to the company tree. If any of the decorations are meaningful, employees can take a moment to describe the meaning behind their decoration choice. This can lead to entertainment, laughter, and thoughtful moments of reflection and appreciation.

These simple parties allow your staff to relax, bond, and feel appreciated, so don’t skip out on the tradition of the company Christmas party. They’re a fantastic way to bring staff together and boost morale, and as you can see, don’t have to be extravagant!