Daycare in Ottawa is an opportunity for kids to learn and develop in a safe environment.

The Importance Of Dedicated Daycare Professionals In A Child’s Development

We’ve all heard expressions like “home away from home” frequently used to describe daycare environments. When it comes to choosing a daycare, trust and reliability are the main factors every responsible parent thinks about first. After all, for parents in Ottawa, daycare is a big commitment—if both parents work, a child will be spending a lot of time at a daycare. Here are a few reasons why daycares in Ottawa need dedicated and passionate professionals to look after your children:

Safe Environments

Children respond well when they are in an environment they feel safe in, which extends to the people around them. Naturally, children feel most comfortable with their parents, and as they grow it becomes absolutely vital they go to a school that has an environment that provides the comfort and safety they need to grow and develop.


As expected, daycare staff members have an important role to play in shaping the environment children play and grow in. Not only do the children need to feel safe and at ease to be themselves, they also need guidance through the learning process. Just like doctors and nurses, working at a daycare facility requires a calling that goes beyond professional commitment.

Passionate Role Models

If we take the National Capital Region, for instance (namely, daycares in Ottawa, Stittsville, and Orleans), Statistics Canada reports that these facilities have a retention rate of more than 86% of their staff over a period of 3 years. This is no coincidence; working in daycare requires a level of commitment and selflessness above the average. Daycare staff not only need to understand the needs of children, but also serve as role models. Children in daycare environments need to learn while having fun through play, activities, and extracurricular events.

Growth and Development

Daycare staff in Ottawa are most likely the first new faces outside the family children will spend time with. On average, a child spends 6 to 8 hours in daycare and less than 6 hours with the parents. It’s a striking metric that calls for dedicated, focused, and selfless early childhood educators who take pride in shaping young minds. Caring for these children is a monumental task that can have a profound effect on their development.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that staffers not only understand their role but also take it seriously. More often than not, parents are tired when they get home, and have relatively less time with their children than their teachers or educators. There is enough evidence that individuals shape their social expressiveness as early as 2 or 3 years of age, or as soon as they become aware of the social human aspect. Daycare staff members play an important role in making sure the child grows and develops while away from home.