Ottawa summer camps are a great way to keep kids active and happy during the summer... and you can get a discount by registering them early, depending on the camp!

Summer Camp FAQs and Why You Should Register Sooner Than Later

The snow is melting and the weather is getting warmer. Before we know it, spring and summer will arrive. It may seem far off, but it is never too early to start planning for your child’s summer vacation, especially if you plan on enrolling them in summer camp. Ottawa summer camps are a great way to keep your child entertained and mentally stimulated throughout the entire summer. You should also know that it’s much more cost effective to sign your child up sooner than later.

Most Ottawa summer camps will offer an early bird special, providing a discount for parents who register their children within the early bird timeframe. You should also note that summer camps only have a limited amount of space available. If you want to avoid being wait-listed, and want to benefit from an early bird discount, consider registering your child into an Ottawa summer camp today.

If you’re still on the fence about sending your child to a summer camp this summer, here are a few common questions and answers about Ottawa summer camps to help with your decision:

How much does summer camp cost?

Summer camps on average cost between $200 and $300 dollars per week. Most camps will offer an early bird special for parents who enroll their children during their allotted time frames.

Do they have to go for the entire summer?

Nope! Ottawa summer camps offer full summer or week-by-week registrations. Just remember that there is a limited number of spots in both.

Do they have to bring a lunch?

Most summer camps include lunches in their fee and will supply your child with a nutritious and well-balanced meal. If your child has any dietary concerns, or if you’re if you have any questions, speak to the administrator when registering your child.

Will my child be stuck indoors all day?

Some parents are hesitant to enroll their child in a summer camp at an indoor facility. But just because the camp is based indoors doesn’t mean your child will be stuck inside all day. Camp counsellors schedule plenty of outdoor time and activities to allow the children plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

What will my child be doing throughout the day?

Summer camps are such a great resource for your child because it offers a wide variety of fun, stimulating activities for your child to take part in. While it varies day to day, when your child takes part in a summer camp they are also getting the benefit of outdoor playtime, interactive games and activities, picnics, access to play-structures (depending on the facility), and meeting a special guest every week to learn or try something new.

Your child can enjoy a fun-filled summer enjoying a wide variety of activities at an Ottawa summer camp. As a parent, you can be confident knowing your child will have fun while keeping their body and mind working during their summer break. If you choose to enroll them now, you can reap the benefits of an early bird special and guarantee your child a fun and exciting summer.