Daycares in Ottawa that follow ELECT guidelines give your child the support they need in their growth and development.

Choose A Daycare That Follows Ontario’s ELECT Guidelines

We all want what’s best for our children; that’s why efforts to improve early childhood education have recently focused on providing children with equal opportunities for growth and development. Ontario’s ELECT Guidelines (Early Learning for Every Child Today) were established to address concerns about early childhood education. These guidelines were set to help promote organized curriculums and pedagogical approaches in early-learning programs and institutions.

When choosing a daycare in Ottawa, you should make sure your daycare facility follows the ELECT guidelines—here’s why:

Guidance And Regulation

Daycares that follow Ontario’s ELECT Guidelines offer a level of consistency that gives parents a better sense of what to expect from a daycare. This will, in turn, show you how the daycare will help your child learn and flourish. ELECT provides a curriculum to daycares without one while strengthening existing curriculums.

ELECT’s principles and guidelines have been reviewed carefully to keep the best interests of children in mind. Daycares that utilize the ELECT Guidelines will ultimately work towards common goals using regulated practices and protocols. At the end of the day, it’s about giving your child the best education possible.

The Importance of Early Learning And Development

Ontario’s ELECT Guidelines strive to give each and every child an equal start to their education. They advocate the importance of early childhood learning and development; if a daycare in Ottawa uses this guideline, you know they promote the same ideals.

Daycares that work with this mindset are better equipped to support your child in their early years. The guidelines highlight the importance of employing early-childhood professionals that can interpret a child’s needs and behavior.

Addressing these needs in a daycare setting (before the introduction of formal education) gives the child a less stressful environment in which their needs can be supported. This ensures that they have all the learning tools they need when they begin their formal education, keeping them in-step with their peers and ready to learn.

Daycares that use Ontario’s ELECT Guidelines are ultimately more prepared to address your child’s specific learning needs in order to promote their education. If you choose to enroll your child in a daycare facility that works with Ontario’s ELECT Guidelines, you can rest easy knowing your child will have the resources they need in order to get the most out of their current and future education.