Family Day is a perfect opportunity to enjoy fun, themed party room rentals in Ottawa.

4 Fun Party Theme Ideas For Family Day

Since 2008, Ontario has had a holiday dedicated to celebrating what it means to be a family in the form of Family Day. This holiday is a great opportunity to relax and spend some time with families, no matter their shape or size. Party room rentals in Ottawa are just one of the many ways families in the national capital have opted to celebrate this holiday.

If your family is looking to join in on the Family Day fun, but you’re not quite sure how to celebrate the holiday, why not make it an event and rent out a party room? Party room rentals can help bring life to your Family Day celebration by helping you create a themed party for everyone to enjoy.

Themed parties are a great way to bring the whole family together in a fun and exciting way. Here are four fun party theme ideas that can help you spice up your Family Day any year:

Seaside Themes

Ocean-themed parties are one of the easiest to decorate because of the endless amount of sea shell shaped, and nautically themed decorations. You can let your children embrace their inner mermaid or pirate with homemade costumes, or turn the rented party room into your own personal beach for the day complete with beach volleyball. A treasure chest cake filled with candy gems and jewels doesn’t hurt, either!

In The Jungle

Looking to go wild this Family Day? Try a jungle-themed party! Beyond animal print decorations, there are many ways to get your family into the jungle vibe. Try face painting and dress-up games to get kids into the spirit of their favourite jungle animals.

Going Medieval

Who doesn’t enjoy escaping to a fantasy land for a little while? Turn the party room into your own regal dining hall and play royal family this Family Day. Your children will enjoy dressing up as their favourite medieval characters. Princess, knight, and dragon costumes are sure to be a hit!


Enjoy an out-of-this-world Family Day by turning your party room into a space station or alien planet with the help of a few themed decorations. Hit up a toy store beforehand and pick up a few toy ray guns, space helmets, and paper cut-out aliens, and enjoy the day exploring a new planet!

These are just a few of the many themes that you can enjoy when you rent a party room in Ottawa. Every family has their own set of likes and interests that can be transformed into a fun and themed family get-together. It’s a chance to let your imagination run wild, and spend some quality fun-time with your loved ones this Family Day.