Party room rentals are a great way to celebrate - book early!

The Key To A Great Party Is Booking Early

Fall is just around the corner, so if you have an event or birthday coming up, now is the time to book a party room rental. Don’t miss out on corporate, friend, and family fun in Ottawa by waiting too long to book a room. The more time you have to plan a party, the better your party will be! Check out the great advantages to booking party room rentals early:

More Available Dates

There are more available dates for party room rentals when you book early. This means you can get your preferred date for your event or birthday party. It’s always better to have a birthday party as close as possible to the actual birthday—or a baby shower before the baby is due!

Early RSVP

With an early booking, you can send out invitations earlier. Guests will RSVP earlier, and you will have a better idea of how many people are attending the event. You can also find out if guests have any food allergies or preferences by adding an option for guests to fill out on the RSVPs.

Package Options

Once you have an estimated number of guests for the party, you can book a package that suits your party needs. You can also order food for the party that will accommodate dietary preferences. Choosing a party package early will allow you to budget effectively for the party, and if any changes come up, you will have more time to adjust and plan accordingly.

Less Stress

If you have more time to plan and budget, you will be less stressed. You can get decorations, make adjustments to the party plans, and have the planning finished sooner than later. Leaving things—especially event planning—to the last minute can be extremely stressful, and you may be disappointed with the outcome.


With a well-planned party and less stress, you will have more fun. Your colleagues, friends, and family will also enjoy the party more if their host is having fun. You will have more time and energy to enjoy the party if you book and plan early.

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for your kid, a retirement party for your co-worker, or you just want some family fun in Ottawa, booking a party room rental early will make for a better party for both you and your guests. Better parties mean more fun for everyone.