kid at window on rainy day

Beat the Rainy Day Blues with Great Indoor Play in Ottawa

When you’re looking for family fun in Ottawa, you likely want something that will not only keep the kids entertained but keep them active too! This is easy enough when the sun is shining and there’s a plethora of public parks, playgrounds, and more to enjoy in the beautiful weather. But when the skies turn grey and the rain starts coming down, it can become tempting to put the day’s plans on hold and spend the whole day inside. But just because you’re spending the day indoors doesn’t mean you can’t still be active and have fun—in fact, there are some truly great opportunities for indoor play in Ottawa that will keep your kids happy, entertained, and active, and they’re great for parents too. Here’s just a sampling of some of the fun you and your family are in for:

Obstacle Course

Who doesn’t love a good obstacle course? Of course, outside of summer camps, you don’t see them quite so often—unless you’re at a great indoor playground! The great thing about a good obstacle course, aside from being a lot of fun and bringing out the competitive spirit in your child, is that it helps develop essential skills. Hand-eye coordination, strength, balance, motor skills, sequencing, memory, and more all come into play, and each one is exercised and improved along the way. Make a game out of it with a tangible prize at the end, and you’ll be amazed how well your kids navigate the course.

Mini Sticks

Who doesn’t love a game of hockey—one of the greatest sources of family fun Ottawa knows? But when the rinks are closed and the streets are just too wet, it can be hard to get a good game in. That’s what’s great about mini sticks at your local Ottawa indoor play area: rain or shine, a great game is always possible, and always exhilarating for kids of all ages.

Free Play

Of course, there’s nothing better than just letting kids be kids. And a good indoor playground has plenty of space for free, unstructured play where kids can let their imaginations reign. From inflatable bounce areas to play structures complete with bridges, tunnels, slides, and more, your kids will never be bored… giving you time to enjoy a little free, unstructured time of your own as you enjoy the free public Wi-Fi.

Redemption Games

What better way to unwind after a few hours of great indoor play in Ottawa than with great arcade and redemption games? Especially with a great variety of prizes to be won, your kids will have the opportunity to not go home empty handed, having truly earned their prizes through skill and effort!
Family fun in Ottawa doesn’t have to revolve around the sun—the next time you’re hit with a gloomy, rainy day, brighten it up at a great indoor playground with your family!