Looking for family fun Ottawa parents can enjoy with their kids? Here are some great activities and crafts to get you inspired!

Check Out These Fun and Exciting Outdoor Activities for Family Fun in Ottawa

With summer around the corner, your kids will soon be needing activities to keep busy during the warmer months. There are plenty of opportunities for family fun in Ottawa during the beautiful warm weather. If it’s raining outside, you can always bring your kids to an Ottawa indoor playground.

To get an idea of the types of activities you can enjoy with your kids this summer, check out these eight outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family:

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

This craft activity is fun for kids and adults of any age. All you need is some clear gelatin, bird feed, and cookie cutter shapes. Fill the shapes with gelatin and feed and bake them in the oven. Once you’ve finished making these nice bird feeders, you’ll get to enjoy watching birds eat from your creations all summer long.

Drip Painting

This fun painting activity can really get the creative juices flowing. And since you can do this outside, you won’t have to worry about messing up your home. Use assorted colours of child-friendly acrylic paints (watered down), an easel, a plastic tablecloth, and a canvas. Once you’ve set up the painting station, you and your kids can start dripping or pouring the paint down the canvas and creating unique artistic masterpieces!

Ice Block Excavation

Playing with ice on a hot summer day is a great outdoor activity. This easy-to-make ice block scavenger hunt can keep you and the kids cooled down while having fun. All you need is a tub (an ice cream or food storage container), water-resistant items and toys, and a freezer. Freeze the toys in a large block of ice and provide some simple tools (a small hammer, spray bottle, brushes, and spoons) and let them try their hand at excavating  their treasures!

Outdoor Kerplunk

This game is fun for the whole family and can be played outdoors. You can even get the kids to help you set it up for more family fun. Build a small frame with a hole in the bottom, and make a tube out of wire netting. Place the tube on top of the frame, slide some bamboo sticks through the wire tube, and stack ball pit balls on top. The goal of the game is to pull out a stick without everything dropping!

Homemade Rain Sticks

Recycled bottles, beans, and paint are the perfect materials to create a homemade rain stick with. Decorate the bottles with as many amazing designs as you’d like, let them dry, then, fill with beans to create a rain stick.

Field Hockey

Put a fun spin on this classic Canadian game! All you need are a couple of laundry baskets, balloons, and a pool noodle for each player. Balloons serve as the puck, the baskets are your goals, and the pool noodles are the sticks. Game on! This will certainly keep the kids entertained while staying active.

There are plenty of great outdoor activities and tons of family fun Ottawa kids and parents can enjoy this summer. From arts and crafts to games and outings, you can plan for you and your kids to have family fun in Ottawa all summer long.