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Beating the Heat in Ottawa with Indoor Activities Offers a Fun Alternative for Parents and Kids Alike This Summer

School’s winding down, air conditioners are getting turned on, and kids are getting the itch to be outside as much as they can; all of these signs point to one thing—summer  is coming to Ottawa! And with the longer days in the sun, the heat is sure to arrive at some point… right, June? There’s nothing better than spending time with your kids outside for some family fun, but parents have to be especially vigilant in making sure their kids don’t overheat or tire themselves out in the sun too quickly. While there will be plenty of opportunities to spend your days outside, sometimes what parents need, for a change of pace or shade from the sun, are indoor activities for kids. Parents can look to indoor playgrounds as a fun alternative to spending all their days in the sun. Here are some great tips to stay cool and hydrated, while still having fun:

Pack appropriately

Coming prepared is the name of the game for family fun in the sun. Be sure to pack all the necessary items to keep your kids cool, hydrated, and well-fed. Snacks, water and/or juice, sunscreen, and hats are all great items to bring with you, regardless if you’re participating in outdoor or indoor activities for kids. Ottawa summers are known to get scorching hot and humid (though you wouldn’t know it with the mild June Ottawa has experienced so far), so packing for the occasion is essential to enjoying the day to its fullest.

Get in the shade

Not everyone is capable of spending their entire day in the sun, so don’t shy away from indoor activities for your kids. A lot of family fun can be had in Ottawa’s indoor playgrounds or facilities that specialize in keeping your kids active and happy. Obstacle courses, mini-stick arenas, or bounce areas are a great alternative to getting your child the activity they want without having to deal with the hot climate outside.

Listen to your body

Whether you and your child are outside or inside for activities, it is paramount that you listen to your body and don’t over-tire yourself. Nothing puts a damper on a beautiful day like a bout of heat stroke or dehydration; and listening to your body is an easy way to prevent this from happening. Staying hydrated is the easiest way to ensure a fun day without any nasty consequences, as is taking a break from the outdoors by spending some time in an indoor activity facility.

There are a myriad of opportunities for family fun in Ottawa, as parents can spend time outside with their kids, or opt for a cooler (but no less fun) climate indoors. Whatever you choose, packing appropriately and listening to your body are easy steps to ensure you get the maximum fun out of your day. If you’re intrigued by the prospect of spending time indoors, don’t hesitate to contact a local indoor activities centre for more details.