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From Orleans to Barrhaven, Child Care Centres are the Region’s First Name in Fun

Winter has set into Ottawa, filling the city with snow and ice for the season. Though it is great to get outside with the whole family for some winter activities, sometimes the weather grows too cold for young children, and icy terrain can spell danger for the whole family. So, what do you do with children who need a safe, warm place to run and play? Indoor play facilities offer safe family fun in Ottawa, no matter the weather. Here are just a few reasons your local child care centre is a great alternative when it is too cold for outdoor winter activities.

Safe Indoor Play Equipment

Indoor play facilities offer large space with lots of options for climbing, running, learning, and making new friends. With so many choices, your children will never get bored, and you can be sure that there is something for every age. The equipment is clean and safe, ready for your young ones to explore tunnels, bridges, and so much more. Indoor facilities also offer areas for toddlers and infants that keep them safe from rambunctious older children while they play. You can be sure that your children will enjoy playing for as long as they like without worrying about getting too cold or wet.

Child Care You Can Trust

When you leave your children in the care of strangers, you want to know they are safe. Look for child care centres that are fully licenced under the Ontario Ministry of Education. These facilities employ educators who are highly trained to care for children of all ages and provide activities that are geared to your child’s age and development.

Day Camp and Summer Camp

If you could, you would love to have every holiday, summer, and PD day off with your child. Unfortunately, your schedule doesn’t always make that possible—and anyway, your children need their own time to socialize and learn with other children their own age. Summer and day camps are a great way for your children to make lasting memories. Your local child care centre offers day- or week-long camps that are fun, educational, and build lasting friendships.

Wi-Fi to Keep You Connected

When your child is ready for some time on their own to play, you can be sure to stay connected with Wi-Fi services. You can catch up on important email or map out the best way to get home after a full day of play. Whatever the reason, play facilities understand that Wi-Fi services are part of our everyday life that keep you on track and connected.

When you are looking for family fun in Ottawa, consider your local indoor play centre to stay warm and active this winter.