Sometimes it's just too cold to play outside in Ottawa, which is indoor activities for kids are so important.

Keep Your Kids Active This Holiday Season While Avoiding The Cold

As the snow falls and school lets out for the winter break, parents need to find ways to keep their kids active and engaged. Although there are many outdoor activities, especially when it comes to winter sports, sometimes it’s just a bit too cold to be outside for long. Indoor activities for kids in Ottawa don’t need to be boring – there are a lot of great things to see and do around the city this time of year!

Go To The Movies…Or Stay In

Many movie theaters in Ottawa provide special viewings of kid’s movies on weekends. These showings are geared to families with young children, so you don’t need to worry about regular movie audiences.

While there’s something special about watching a movie on the big screen, sometimes it’s fun to get a group together for a viewing at home or another venue. Have everyone attend in fleecy pajamas for a Saturday morning showing that is cozy and fun.

Learning Doesn’t Stop When School is Out

Ottawa is home to many museums, covering everything from history to art, science, and nature. You can keep your children learning even during school breaks with a trip to any of these wonderful locations.

Museums give your child the ability to move from room to room at their leisure, discuss information with guides, and enjoy fun activities that contribute to their learning. Before attending, create a scavenger hunt for the museum you will be visiting. Kids can use cameras, drawings, or checklists as they explore and learn.

Play Time Keep Kids Healthy and Active

It might be too cold to go outside, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t be active. Indoor play structures give your children the freedom to run, jump, and play to their heart’s content. Indoor activities with other kids helps Ottawa children build friendships and community, while staying healthy and active.

Being indoors keeps your kids out of freezing temperatures during the winter. While it’s certainly fun to go sledding, there are times. Consider making an indoor playground part of your regular routine during the winter so that your children learn that they can be active any time of the year.

Indulge in Holiday Activities

There’s something special about local holiday events and activities. In a city like Ottawa, there’s something for everyone, with fantastic indoor fun around every corner. Day camps can give kids a taste of a new sport or hobby, so it’s never been easier to get them engaged with something that’ll spark their passion.

There are many indoor activities for kids in Ottawa that will keep them busy and educated this holiday season. While kids need fresh air and outdoor exercise, when the winds pick up, there’s nothing wrong with heading inside and discovering something new.