Girl blowing bubbles at camp

How to Keep Your Child Well Entertained This Summer

Summer is coming and with that comes the key question of which camp to send your child to. Ideally, you need to balance your budget but also find a summer camp (Kids Kingdom Kanata or Kids Kingdom Orleans) full of fun activities that your child will love to go to every day.

Ottawa summer camps offer a range of fun activities that are sure to be a hit with every child including:

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to pass the time and are suitable for children of all ages. They not only encourage kids to use their imagination, but it also means they have something to take home in the end and enjoy for years to come.

Creative competitions

Kids love to compete; from storytelling to archery, there are so many ways for kids to work in a bit of friendly competition. Camps are always looking for new ideas to keep children entertained in interesting ways that will make the time pass quickly and never let them get bored. Balloon volleyball, running and swimming races, water balloon tosses, egg and spoon races and lots of other crazy and creative competitions will keep them on their toes.

Day trips

Day trips can range from educational to adventurous. They might head off to a local museum, or learn essential survival skills such as what to pack for camping trips and how to put up a tent.

Hiking and nature walks

Summer is the ideal time to get outside and enjoy nature. It’s time for the kids to pry themselves away from the computer and video games and get some exercise in the fresh air. They will not only visit some of the local beauty spots, they will learn more about trees, animals and orienteering as well.

Special guests

Special guests will sometimes come to see the campers, give demonstrations and talk about their areas of expertise. They could be professional clowns, balloon artists, photographers and so much more. Campers will get to enjoy hands-on experience of these fun activities.


Both team and individual sports will be available, with some form of physical activity timetabled each day. Baseball, basketball, flag football, track and field events, will add variety to each day at camp.


Sharing stories is an essential part of the summer camp experience. They might not light up a camp fire during the day, but stories and snacks will give campers a rest after all their physical activities and get them ready for the next exciting event.


Even if there is no pool on site, many summer camps will often arrange for swimming time at a local venue allowing kids to cool down and splash around.

Talent shows

Children of all ages will get to show off their talents or skills and entertain other campers. It’s time to release their inner “idol”.

Compare the summer camps in Ottawa in terms of price, dates, and activities, and your child is sure to have a wonderful summer full of all fun activities, and more.