Choosing fun family restaurants in Ottawa is a must after a great day out enjoying winter activities.

From Family Restaurants in Ottawa to Laser Tag, Here are Fun Activities to Enjoy with the Kids This Winter

With Ottawa’s frigid weather, staying home is often the wise thing to do in winter. But spending too much time at home can leave you and your family restless.

Thankfully, there are plenty of fun things you can do with the family this winter. Ottawa family restaurants, laser tag, and indoor playgrounds are among the many fun family activities you can enjoy indoors this winter. And if there isn’t a frostbite advisory, you can enjoy some fun outdoor activities too.

So to help keep your kids moving and to prevent boredom, consider these family outing ideas for the long winter months.


Bowling is a fun sport for both kids and adults, so consider taking your family to one of Ottawa’s many bowling alleys. You can ask the bowling alley to place bumpers on your lane so the little ones can avoid gutter balls. Also, consider going to a five-pin bowling alley since the balls will be smaller and easier for the kids to use.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is another fun game you can enjoy with the kids. Most laser tag places offer different levels of difficulty for games, so you can choose the beginner level for the little ones. Visit Ottawa indoor playgrounds with laser tag games, such as Laserforce, for a fun day out with the kids.

Family Restaurants

Ottawa family restaurants cater to kids’ nutritional needs while offering various tasty foods for the whole family to enjoy. Treat your family to a meal out so you can all get that boost of energy you need to keep enjoying activities in the dreary winter months.

Movie Theatres

Going to the movies is a great way to enjoy a few hours away from home while staying warm indoors. Movies keep the whole family entertained and offer parents some relaxing downtime. And best of all, most kids’ movies are equally entertaining for parents, so you can have a good laugh and experience too.


Spend a winter day indoors at one of Ottawa’s museums. There are plenty of fun attractions for the family, and everyone can burn some energy walking around and playing in the children’s areas. And the Canada Science and Technology Museum recently reopened, so there are even more museums to check out this winter.


Take your kids to the library for a group reading time or to check out new books. Libraries are filled with books and other media for everyone to enjoy, so treat yourself and your kids to the many choices and new adventures to discover.

Ice Skating

Whether you head to a local outdoor rink or visit the Rideau Canal once the Skateway is open, your family can burn off some pent up energy with an hour or two of skating. You can also warm up with hot cocoa and a Beaver Tail once you’ve tired yourselves out.


Arcades have games for kids of all ages, as well as for fun-loving adults. Ottawa indoor playgrounds have many arcade games, along with other activities that you and your kids can enjoy while staying warm.

From family restaurants in Ottawa to fun games like bowling and Laserforce, there are plenty of family outings to enjoy this winter. These activities will help your family stay active and avoid boredom from being stuck at home during the long winter months.