Ensure your kids stay active in an indoor playground in Ottawa.

Ensure Your Child Stays Active in an Indoor Playground During the Fall

With the fall season nearby, there are only several more weeks of warm weather to enjoy outdoor activities with the kids. Indoor play can be just as active and fun. There are plenty of physical and sensory activities to keep kids stimulated and developing skills while enjoying themselves. This fall, consider trying these fun indoor play activities and visit an indoor playground to keep your kids active in the colder weather.

Alphabet Find

This activity gets kids moving indoors, tires them out, and teaches them the alphabet while you sit back and relax. All you need is construction paper, a marker, and tape. Cut sheets of construction paper in half and write a capital letter on each piece. Walk around your house taping letters in random order spread out throughout your home at your child’s eye level. Once the letters are up, you can sit down and let the game begin. Call out a letter and wait for your kids to find it, touch it, and run back to you.

Hide & Seek

This classic game gets kids energized and moving with sheer excitement while learning problem-solving skills. Count to a high enough number to give your kids time to find a good hiding place. When it’s your turn to hide, pick a number that your child can easily count too.

Build A Fort

Fort building is a fun way to spend a chilly fall afternoon indoors. Your kids can get creative with their building ideas and let their imaginations take over. Although it may not seem like much of a physical activity, lifting cushions and draping blankets is exercise that improves motor skills for little ones.

Have A Dance Party

Dancing is an excellent activity to get your kids’ hearts pumping while enjoying the arts of music and dance. If you can synchronize a dance with your kids, or encourage movement with the rhythm, your kids can develop motor skills and learn to express themselves creatively through dance.


Whether on their own canvas or on a large shared canvas of paper, spend an hour or two painting with the kids. Painting is always a fun activity that will nourish their creative sides. Just make sure to establish painting boundaries so they don’t paint your furniture or walls instead—and keep a damp cloth with you at all times – it’s going to get messy!

Match the Letters

This game is easy to set up and will get your kids practicing the alphabet. Start by cutting out a large piece of paper then use a marker to write the letters of the alphabet in bold across and down the paper. If you want to make this game more difficult, don’t write the letters in alphabetical order—mix them up. Using alphabet blocks, your kids can walk around the paper and match the letter on the block to the letter on the floor.

Whether your kid is a toddler or 10 years old, there are plenty of fun indoor activities to enjoy this fall. If you want to get out of the house for an afternoon, visit a local indoor playground so your kids can enjoy even more fun activities indoors.