Working moms shouldn't feel guilty about leaving their children at an Orleans daycare.

If You Spend Quality Time with Your Kids After Work and Send Them to A Quality Orleans Daycare, They Will Develop Just as Well As Those Who Stay at Home

Many new parents stress over whether they should stay at home with their kids or return to work. They worry that if they don’t spend enough quality time with their children and instead leave them in the care of a stranger that this will affect their development negatively. This dilemma is widespread for working parents, especially working mothers.

However, there is good news because this personal struggle has been plaguing parents since moms started entering the workforce. There have been numerous studies over the years to determine the developmental outcomes for kids who stay at home with their moms versus kids who attend daycare regularly. The results of these studies all lead to one major conclusion and word of advice for working parents—stop feeling guilty about working and sending your kids to daycare!

Work and Play

If you currently work, or you want to work then do it for you and your family. You will be able to spend quality time with your children when you get home after a productive day at the office. While you’re at work, you can rest assured that your kids will be having fun, learning, exercising, and developing social, cognitive, physical, and emotional skills at a quality Orleans daycare.

Children who are cared for at home all day by their parents do not have any added benefits as opposed to children who attend quality daycares and have working parents. If you’re concerned about whether you should stay home with your kids, remember that your happiness will reflect on your interactions with them. If you’re ready to get back to work, then do it! Your kids will be well looked after at daycare while you’re pursuing your career and bettering yourself for your family. Daycare can benefit children and their development, and also benefit the entire family socially and economically. Most of us need to work to support our loved ones, so your financial stability shouldn’t be at risk because you’ve been lead to believe that children are better off staying at home with their parents.

Numerous studies on the effects of childcare on child development show that children develop just as well at home compared to when they receive quality care from daycares. In fact, your parenting behaviours will influence your kids’ development—cognitive, emotional, and social—four times more than the other forms of child care. As long as you spend quality time with your kids when you get home, you can have a positive effect on their development.

Quality Over Quantity

Often, the amount of time parents spend with their kids is almost the same for both working and stay-at-home moms. Stay-at-home moms often need a break from their kids, while working moms may not need a break as often. Since working moms don’t spend all day with their children, they can appreciate the time with their kids more, which leads to more quality interactions. Moms who feel that they must stay at home and neglect their desire to work may be less happy, and this can affect how they relate to their children.

Remember, it’s more important to spend quality time with your children rather than focusing on the quantity. If you need to work to support your family or if you want to work because that’s what makes you happy, then do what’s best for you and your loved ones. When you get home, you’ll be the best parent you can for your children. And in the meantime, send you kids to a quality daycare in Orleans so they can learn, develop social skills, exercise, and have fun!