These are great ideas for family fun Ottawa parents can try.

The Importance of Having Fun as a Family

During a child’s development, they gain healthy social and learning skills through two main sources, their family and other children. That’s why it is important to provide your child with a variety of healthy social situations. Daycare encompasses this idea and provides children with many activities that promote healthy development. But it shouldn’t end there! Even though children are spreading their wings and exploring more social interactions at daycare, parents are still the main learning source for growing children.

Parents teach their children many things, and teaching your child is always best when you’re both having fun. By planning activities together, your child gets a chance to see how you do things and are thus more likely to mirror your positive actions, and behaviour. This also gives you a chance as a parent to see positive and negative behaviours that wouldn’t normally appear during regular day-to-day activities.

Here are a few ideas for family fun Ottawa parents can try out today!

Fun With Food

There are many, many ways food can be used to create fun (and tasty!) activities for you and your child. One tried and true food-based activity is getting your child involved with daily meal preparations by letting them help with smaller, safer tasks such as measuring and decorating. If a little more fun is what you’re after, food can be used to make movie nights a little more interactive. Create a build-your-own candy necklace or cupcake decorating station by filling a muffin tin with a variety of candies and toppings. While junk food may be involved, these activities give parents a chance to talk with their child about moderation and healthy eating choices.

Getting Crafty

Arts and crafts aren’t just for school and daycare. Ottawa parents can let their child’s inner artist shine at home as well. Crafts are a great way to gets a child’s brain working, building motor skills and promoting creative thinking. There is an endless list of arts and crafts you can do at home. To make arts and crafts even more interactive, try making your own art supplies with your children. Making your own sidewalk chalk is a cost-effective and easy craft that allows you to get outside afterwards to create sidewalk and driveway masterpieces.

Playing Games

Simply playing games is a great way to let loose and bond with your child. It’s important for children to see their parents have fun too! Play hide and seek or have a family board game night; these are staple family fun activities that are great at bringing everyone together. On the other hand, if you want to switch things up, create a paper-streamer maze in a hall way. It’s a fun game that gets everyone up and moving (and allows parents to release their inner secret agent).

Daycare is a great boost for developmental learning, but in order for your child to grow into the best person they can be, they need to learn and be encouraged at home as well. There are so many fun activities out there for you and your child to enjoy. The internet is a wonderful place to find inspiration, and will leave you with an endless family fun time to-do-list.