Indoor play in Ottawa

Indoor Play, Like Outdoor Play, Keeps Kids Active, Healthy, And Happy

Play is important for keeping kids active and healthy, but when the weather outside is too unpleasant for outdoor play, kids need an indoor play option. In spring, it’s often rainy and cold out, while summer has scorching hot heat waves that make it unsafe for playing outside. And we all know what Ottawa winters are like. So, when kids can’t go outside to play, give them an indoor play option, such as indoor playgrounds and creative play spaces. Indoor play in Ottawa promotes exercise, creativity, and cognitive and social skills. This way kids can stay active, healthy, and happy all year long while learning valuable life skills.

Cognitive, Creative, & Social Skills

When kids play indoors, either with a playground or a creative play space, they can have just as much fun alone and with friends thanks to their active imaginations. Through play, kids explore their creative sides, create and solve problems, act out scenes with friends and toys, and learn many important cognitive, social, and creative skills. Kids will often play out or repeat activities they’ve learned in school, further learning and building on their skills, including language, behaviour, arts, and academics.

Physical Health

Indoor play areas encourage daily physical activity even if the weather outside is bad for outdoor play. An hour of physical activity each day will promote overall physical health, control weight, reduce blood pressure and the risk of diabetes, while also improving kids’ self-confidence. There are plenty of safe indoor activities that will keep kids physically active, especially with indoor playgrounds and games that require vigorous movements—i.e. dancing, jumping, and climbing.

Mental Health

The increase in self-confidence from good physical health can have a significant positive effect on kids’ overall mental health. Physical activity boosts moods and confidence, which will in turn improve their motivation, social skills, behaviour, outlook on life, and performance in school. By promoting good physical and mental health early on, kids will be more likely to continue this healthy lifestyle throughout their lives.

Kids need play not only to have fun and avoid boredom, but also to stay active, develop skills, and promote their physical and mental health. Whether they are involved in sports, or they prefer to play at home, it is important to encourage kids to play every day. And if the weather is too hot or wet, visit Ottawa indoor play centres or create your own indoor play space at home. You will be helping your kids develop healthy lifestyles that they can benefit from throughout their lives.