Indoor activities for kids in Ottawa are chosen to promote growth and development.

The Care And Consideration That Goes Into Picking Games That Encourage Growth

When it comes to choosing children’s games, the general tendency is to think it is as trivial a task as they come. After all, they’re just children, aren’t they? It turns out it is actually a bit more challenging than we realize. At daycares, this task falls to highly trained and qualified personnel who not only need to understand the specifics of a particular age group, but also other factors the casual observer might take for granted. For instance, the mental and physical abilities of a group can cover a wide range.

There are a few things that are taken into consideration when picking indoor activities for kids in Ottawa:

Average Group Age

What’s appropriate for a three-year-old won’t be right for a five-year-old. Promoting intellectual, psychological, and social development in children depends on appropriate activities that encourage learning and engagement. Depending on the age range of the group of children, this could mean the difference between Red Rover and Duck Duck Goose.


Whether the activity in question is a book reading or a group game, they’re still both interactive, albeit in different ways. Reading a book to children encourages them to be active listeners and helps them focus their attention. A group game, such as Duck Duck Goose, allows children to move and gives them a greater level of personal activity. Interactivity is a big factor in both activities, but manifests in different ways.


Is the activity a group event or can it be done individually? There are benefits to both, and it’s best to balance one with the other to promote both introspection and outgoing cooperation. Also, some children will naturally be more withdrawn or private than others, so promoting healthy respect for both attitudes is key.

As you might expect, and as mentioned above, the staff play a big part in the process to make the environment friendly and conducive to healthy intellectual, social and emotional development. It is what every parent wants and hopes for their child. There is an array of countless indoor activities one can choose from, taking into consideration some key factors.

This list, though by no means exhaustive, shows how indoor activities can be a rich learning experience for children. Daycares, schools, and other locations that promote growth and learning take care and consideration when choosing these activities—and they can help make them fun!