How an indoor playground in Ottawa can free up some of your time so you can better organize your schedule.

While at an Indoor Playground in Ottawa, Take a Moment to Plan Your Days While the Kids Play

As a parent, you work hard juggling work and family life, and often within tight schedules. Trying to maintain an organized schedule can be quite difficult, especially if you have hardly any time for yourself. But there are some things you can do to make your life a bit easier each day. If you start a solid routine, your days—especially your mornings—will go smoother.

If you don’t have much or any free time to sit down and plan a schedule because you’re either working or busy with the kids, consider bringing your kids to an indoor playground in Ottawa. While they’re playing and enjoying themselves, you can take a moment to get your plans in order.

Here are several tips to help you organize your schedule so you can be more productive and less overwhelmed each day.

Always Leave Your Essentials in the Same Place

The moment you get home, leave your purse, wallet, keys, and phone in an area by the door—i.e. in a bowl on an entry-way table. This will save you valuable time each morning while you’re trying to get out the door. Looking for your keys can be a time-consuming worry of the past.

Create Checklists

Each day, write down a list of the tasks you need to complete. You can either do this in the evening for the following day, or in the morning for the current day. Write down major priorities and other important tasks you’d like to complete. If you don’t complete all the lesser-priorities in a day, there’s always tomorrow.

Think About Your Meal Plan

Having a meal plan can save you plenty of time each day. Instead of constantly cooking, or trying to think of what to cook, you can instead plan your meals for the week. This can be done while you make your grocery list. If you designate one day a week to go grocery shopping, and if you cook large meals to ensure you have leftovers, you will save yourself even more time.

Carry a Pen and Notepad

While most of us rely on our smartphones to schedule reminders, a small notepad is also useful to have. You can quickly jot down a fleeting thought that you need to remember, food and other items you need to buy, and tasks you need to add to your checklist. Better yet, you can keep your daily checklist on this notepad so you have it with you at all times. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about keeping your notepad charged when you go out.

Take Advantage of Your Evenings

Evenings are more relaxed than mornings, especially when you have to make sure you and the kids get out the door on time each day. So take this extra time in the evenings to help your days start off stress-free. Prep lunches and backpacks, do the dishes, and check the weather for the following day so you can prepare for appropriate wardrobes and outerwear. Also, keep umbrellas near the door so you can grab them as you run out in the morning.

Although it seems easier said than done, take a moment for yourself to plan your schedule while the kids play at an indoor playground in Ottawa. With a bit of prep work and organization, you can save yourself time and stress each day.