An indoor playground is always open for fun, no matter the season or time of year.

Any Occasion, Any Day of the Week: Indoor Playgrounds are a Great Escape

An indoor playground is a great way to spend many occasions. The play structures and games keep kids moving and gives them necessary exercise. The absence of screens and focus on hands-on play will keep kids stimulated and learning. Here are some popular times to book in at an indoor playground:

Birthday Parties

Birthdays! What better place to let a group of kiddies loose than an indoor playground? With cake, a full meal, decorations, and a safe, enclosed space provided, the pressure comes off of you. Sit back and chat with the other parents, catch up on the news, scroll social media, all with a coffee in hand, knowing you are the king/queen of birthday parties and your little one is having a great time.

Bad Weather

Rainy days can leave the kids cooped up at home with high energy levels and little to do about it. Put on the rain boots and head over to an indoor playground. The kids (and you) stay dry and aren’t stuck in the house all day.

Snow Days

Snow days keep Canadian kids home from school on a semi-regular basis it seems! But after a few hours the plows have gone by and you are free from your frozen prisons. Rather than staying in all day, bring the kids to an indoor playground and let them stretch their legs. It will be a reprieve to play and be active without cumbersome snow pants on those little legs and jackets and winter accessories making them almost immobile!

Field Trips & School Outings

Whether during the school year or summer vacation, an indoor playground is the perfect place for students to get together as friends in a social setting. Field trips, school holidays & PD days are a great time to enjoy the play structures, games, and activities. And can you imagine anything more fun than a full week at an indoor playground? Summer camps are available with all meals provided and activities planned. And there’s even outdoor time and picnics — you have to take advantage of Ottawa’s beautiful summer weather after all!

Need some help during the day? Believe it or not, daycare is available at indoor playgrounds! Choose full time or part time for your kids under five. They’ll be left in good hands, as all staff are all Early Childhood Education trained and use a planned curriculum. Parents will also be provided with progress reports of how their little ones are are learning and growing.

Indoor playgrounds are a wonderful way to keep kids engaged, energized, excited, and off the electronics. Next time you’re looking for something to do, whatever the occasion, whichever the day, visit this safe and fun environment for a truly different experience.