Kids Kingdom mascot at the indoor playground

How Rewarding Good Behavior With Family Fun Is More Effective than Bribery.

There is a big difference between a reward and a bribe for your child. Although, sometimes making deals with kids is an effective short term solution to getting what you need from them, it certainly isn’t a long term solution. Research shows that children respond positively to rewards for their good behavior and acts of kindness. Offering a variety of rewards is always best to keep things exciting for you and your family. Here are a few reasons you should consider the benefits of family fun at Ottawa’s indoor playgrounds.

Free-Play Develops Creativity

Children need unstructured playtime to help develop dexterity, physical strength, problem solving, and creativity. There are many ways in which various developments can be nurtured through structured education and activities. But there is something special about unstructured play when developing creativity in particular. During this time a child’s mind is able to imagine different uses for their space and time. Creativity and imagination in-turn will bolster adaptability and problem solving skills in your child’s day-to-day life.

Physical Activity Keep Kids Healthy

Indoor playgrounds provide family fun in Ottawa that is safe for your children to run, jump, and burn energy, especially on days that the weather keeps them inside. Instead of being cooped up on a rainy day, your child will still get their exercise and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Being rewarded with physical activity will show your child that being active is fun, worthwhile, and important to their lives as they develop into adults. It will be easier for them to maintain an active lifestyle as they grow-up instead of struggling to establish one later on.
Did you know that physical activity can help with mood, sleep, and attention? Help your child learn about these benefits through their own experience to ensure it stays with them every step of the way.

Rewards Prompt Conversation

Bribery of food, events, or movies is a one-sided experience that allows you a short-term solution to your child’s behavior – and sometimes, this is a useful tool as a parent. However, offering a reward prompts a conversation between you and your child that could be more beneficial. Giving your children praise reinforces positive behavior and means you will be able to talk with them and allow them to understand why you are pleased. Conversations before, during, and after the reward activity helps your child know that you are proud of them, but most importantly, why you are proud of them.

Indoor family fun in Ottawa is an excellent way for your child to build positive relationships filled with activity, health, and creativity. Talking with your child about their positive actions will offer them a sense of pride and nurture more good behavior and actions throughout their lifetime.