Parents and Children Alike Can Benefit From Indoor Play in Ottawa

Do you remember the joy of playtime as a child? Spending hours building castles in a sandbox, or waiting your turn to go down the same slide over and over again? Children have an uncanny ability to turn almost any location into the perfect place to create new adventures and meet new friends. For parents, however, the criteria for what makes the perfect space for play are a bit more stringent.

That’s where indoor playgrounds in Ottawa come in. These spaces are ideal for parents and children alike. Here’s why:

Year Round Play

Ottawa’s harsh winters and scorching hot summers often mean your kids are stuck indoors, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay curled up on the couch watching yet another movie, or playing yet another video game. Indoor play in Ottawa is available year-round, which means your kids can release their pent up energy–weather be damned!

Safety First

Indoor playgrounds in Ottawa are constructed with your child’s safety in mind, so there’s no need to worry about rusty swing sets or splintering slides. The equipment found in indoor play facilities in Ottawa is required to meet federal standards for child safety, which means you’ll find a selection of well-maintained, age-appropriate play structures and equipment. Does your child have a peanut-allergy? Many indoor playgrounds in Ottawa are also peanut-free, to ensure that everyone can play safely!

Squeaky Clean

Playing in the great outdoors certainly has its benefits, but cleanliness isn’t always one of them. It can often be difficult to control what your children are exposed to in outdoor playgrounds, neighbourhood streets, and even in your own back yard! Indoor playgrounds in Ottawa are held to the highest standards of cleanliness to avoid spreading germs and illnesses.

Put Your Feet Up

Lucky for you, indoor play in Ottawa often results in parents getting some much needed time to themselves. While your children are making new friends and crafting elaborate adventures, you can kick back and relax in the parents’ lounge. Take advantage of this time to catch up on some work thanks to complimentary Wi-Fi, or to read a good book. Not to worry though, all facilities will be easily visible, so you can keep an eye on your kiddos, between sips of the first hot coffee you’ve had all month.

No matter the weather or the occasion, indoor play in Ottawa is the perfect solution for you and your little ones. The excitement in their voices when you tell them where you’re headed will be reason enough to take them time and time again!