Ottawa's indoor playground promote interactive and imaginative play and social skills.

Indoor Playgrounds Encourage Imaginative Interactive Play and Social Skills

Finding new and interesting ways to encourage your child’s imagination can be a big challenge for many parents. On top of that, your child needs to develop social and problem solving skills. That’s why indoor playgrounds in Ottawa offer interactive play options that will encourage mental, social, and physical development of your child. Here are four ways that families can take a break from electronics and experience a different type of play time at indoor playgrounds.

Smaller arcade areas

Although most indoor playgrounds have some kind of arcade area you’ll find that they are smaller and quieter than video game arcades. These arcades also offer very few screen-driven games so they don’t overstimulate children. These games give opportunities for children to work on fine motor skills, encourage goal setting, and practice sharing with other children. Since the area is normally small, it’s easy to watch children, limits your child’s interest, and encourages them to explore other areas in the playground.

Lots of space to encourage movement

Ottawa indoor playgrounds have lots of open space to encourage people to move around between different areas. This makes it easy to have fun on days when everyone is forced inside. These open spaces are also there for imaginative physical play with other children. These are spaces where your child can jump, roll, and cartwheel with different costumes and toys. This is more than just an empty floor, and the sky is the limit on the possibilities.

New toys to discover

At home and even visiting friends of family it’s easy to get into a routine and play the same way with the same toys. Cars go down ramps, animals are in a farm, and people are on a bus. Indoor playgrounds in Ottawa give you access to new toys and costumes so your family can discover and play with new things together. A new space can also cast familiar toys and games in a new light. Changing the scenery and discovering new ways to play helps children to develop, connect with family and friends, and, most importantly, use their imagination.

Different people to interact with

Socializing your child before they enter the school system can be a very daunting task for parents. It’s sometimes hard to reach outside your network and introduce your child to people in different age groups. That’s where Ottawa indoor playgrounds can help. They give your child the opportunity to interact and learn from encounters with lots of different children, adults, and babies. This is a great way to develop social skills, and make new friends.

Indoor playgrounds are a great safe alternative to parks, and playing at home. With a small arcade area, lots of open space, new toys to discover, and people to interact with there are tons of things for the whole family to enjoy.