Bringing your child to a daycare in Ottawa can cause you both anxiety, here's how you can manage this new hurdle.

If You’re Worrying about Your Child’s Time at Daycare in Ottawa, Keep These Tips in Mind

Whether you want to or not, most parents have to work and send their kids to daycare. And while young children might experience separation anxiety during the first days at daycare, it is quite common for parents to experience this anxiety too.

Parents often worry that the time spent away from their kids will weaken or harm their parent-child attachments. They may worry that caregivers and daycare teachers will form stronger bonds with their kids, or that their kids will develop insecure attachment issues.

Whatever concerns you may have about being separated from your kid all day while they’re at a daycare in Ottawa, keep these tips in mind to help reduce your separation anxiety and encourage healthy behaviours for your child.

Build Strong Adult Attachments

You can help yourself and your child during your time apart if you foster strong, healthy attachments with other adults in your child’s life. These tips are especially useful for young children who are in daycare.

  • Have positive, reliable adults in your child’s life, such as family and friends, and nurture these relationships;
  • Realize that your child’s attachments to different adults don’t compete, they actually cooperate;
  • Form a trusting relationship with your child’s caregiver that is obvious to your child;
  • Make sure the caregiver is mindful of attachment principles;
  • Don’t rush in the morning—make time to spend with your kid and slow down the morning routine;
  • Give your kids a picture of you—i.e. in a locket—as a reminder that you love them even when you’re apart.

Remember That You’re Not Alone

Due to the high cost of living, most parents can’t afford to stay home with their kids. Once the first year of parental leave is over, many parents must return to work and find caregivers for their children. And while you may feel guilty about returning to work and leaving your child in the hands of others, remember that you’re not alone.

Many parents feel this guilt and separation anxiety, but they can learn to cope by ensuring their kids are with positive, reliable adults. Look for an Ottawa daycare that has trained staff who can nurture your child’s healthy attachments with others. If your child feels secure with other adults at daycare, then you shouldn’t worry.

By building healthy, positive attachments with reliable adults at a young age, your child will feel more secure when you’re not around. These secure attachments will help your child adjust better to their time away from you at daycare, school, and other activities throughout their childhood.