50% of amount owed is required when booking your party online.  The Remainder of the amount owing is due upon arrival of booked party time.  Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled party start to pay balance and to meet your party host.



Terms and Conditions of Hiring

Please read this carefully before confirming your party.


  1. What the ‘the Venue’ may be used for

1.1 The Venue shall only be used for the agreed purposes set out

in the Booking Form and shall not be sub-let or assigned

  1. Liability

3.1 The person booking the party shall be responsible for all damage to the Venue and

to any property in the Venue during the period of party or resulting

directly from party in our Venue.

3.2 Kids Kingdom shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or

injury to anybody attending the Venue for the purposes of the party.

3.3 Kids Kingdom shall not be responsible for any loss, direct or

indirect ,due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of electricity

supplies ,leakage of water, fire, government restriction or act of

God which may cause the Venue to be temporarily closed or the

Party to be interrupted or cancelled

  1. Conditions of Hire

4.1 The person booking the party is responsible for the behavior and conduct of all

those attending the event, and to ensure that they leave by the

agreed time

4.2 Children under 12 must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian

at all times. A ratio of 1 supervising adult to 6 children must be

observed at all times, during the party.

4.3 Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the building and kids kingdoms grounds.

4.4 Candles on the birthday cake must be closely supervised at all


4.5 Under no circumstances may electrical equipment be installed

or used without the prior written agreement of Kids Kingdom and

under the supervision of Museum staff. The Museum reserves the

right to refuse the use of any technical equipment it reasonably

considers to be unsafe or inappropriate or which has not been

properly approved.

4.6 Nothing shall be attached to or suspended from any part of the

Venue without the prior approval of Kids Kingdom and in conjunction

with Museum staff.

  1. Museum Staff

7.1 Kids Kingdom staff work under the sole guidance and instruction of

Kids Kingdom and ensure that the conditions of the party are adhered

To at all times.

7.2 If the conditions of the party are breached, the supervising officer on

duty is authorized to ask for appropriate steps to be taken to rectify

the breaches up to and including cancellation or suspension of the


  1. Catering

8.1 No other food or drink is permitted at the designated party – only

  • the birthday cake
  • fruit & veggie trays


9.1 The cost of the party includes reasonable cleaning of the Venue

although as a courtesy it would be appreciated if

parents/guardians could help with tidying after the party

9.2 Kids Kingdom reserves the right to levy an extra charge to the

Party booker should unnecessary and excessive cleaning be required due

to the negligence of the party planner and their guests.

  1. Payment

10.1 Payment in full must be made upon your arrival.  We ask you arrive at least 15 minutes before the party is to begin to pay all balances.

All balances can be paid by cash, visa or debit.  Sorry, we do not accept cheques.

Kids Kingdom

BEFORE your event begins you will be made aware of the following:

If Kids Kingdom’s fire alarm is activated please follow the instructions of the Kids Kingdom Assistants or other staff members of kids kingdom. Staff who will, if necessary, escort you out of the building. Fire exits are clearly indicated. Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times during the party, following a Kids Kingdom Party Host or taking part in activities. Please allow a ratio of 1 supervising adult for every 6 children. The whole of the building is a no-smoking area. If anyone is found smoking inside the building they may be asked to leave the premises and / or the event halted. Please ensure that you take any personal belongings with you after the event.  Kids Kingdom is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.