Make indoor play in Ottawa fun this cold winter season.

Fun Indoor Play Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy on Dreary Autumn Days in Ottawa

Cold, damp, dreary weather is one of the downsides to living in Ottawa. Come the end of autumn, the days will only get shorter and colder. If you’re like most parents, you will want to spend minimal time outdoors with the kids when it’s cold and damp. But instead of plopping in front of the TV why not have fun indoors together? Spend some quality time engaging and playing with your kids to get them interested indoor activities. Here are some ideas for fun indoor play in Ottawa’s colder seasons.

Arts & Crafts

If your kids are normally glued to screens, such as the TV, computer, or tablet, consider breaking this daily habit and get them engaged with some hands-on fun without technology. Arts and crafts allow kids to embrace their creative sides. They are able to stimulate their imaginations without the glow of a screen. And if you’re just as guilty, taking time to create something with your hands will be relaxing, and will probably be much-needed time away from your day-to-day routine.

Change Up the Room

Rainy, dreary days are meant for getting cozy indoors. You can do this with an added twist by transforming a room into an imaginative place for your child’s mind to wander. You and the kids can build a fort in the living room or imagine the basement as a submarine, or a space station with zero gravity. Have fun with whatever comes to mind!

Indoor Playground

If you have the space to set up an indoor playground, your kids can enjoy outdoor fun indoors. If not, there are centres for indoor play in Ottawa that have everything a kid could want in a playground and more.

Some ideas for an indoor playground include:

  • A ball pit;
  • A slide;
  • A sandbox;
  • A swing set; and,
  • A sea-saw.
  • Physical Activities

Aside from running and playing in an indoor playground, there are other games and activities to keep your kids physically active.

Consider dedicating a spacious room in your home to enjoy these activities:

  • Hopscotch,
  • Hula hoops,
  • Skip rope,
  • Summersaults,
  • Dancing, and,
  • Leap frog.
  • Music

Playing music can always liven up a bored and sleepy crowd. Get your kids up dancing, singing, and playing music. Whether on instruments, with a karaoke machine, a music game—like Rock Band—or just listening to some of your favourite tunes, a dull day indoors can turn into a fun party with the magic of music.

Since there will be plenty of indoor play days in Ottawa this season, try to switch up activities so your kids don’t get bored with the same play ideas. You and your kids can turn a drab afternoon into an exciting adventure or party, all you need is your creativity, imaginations, and each other.