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Friday: 4-8
Saturday: 10-7
Sunday: 10-6

Let Your Imagination Run Free

Kids Kingdom isn’t just a children’s playground—it’s a home away from home for the whole family where kids and parents alike can feel welcome and have fun. From the indoor playground to the parents lounge, every aspect of Kids Kingdom is designed with comfort and safety in mind. Our facilities have been built to be entirely safe to use, and we have thorough security and safety regulations.

The key to a great indoor playground is to make it feel not stifling and enclosed, but open and bright. That’s why we have floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in plenty of soft, natural sunlight and a design that is colourful and inspired.

Kids Kingdom also hosts birthday parties and events, has a food court where we serve delicious snacks and meals, and even offers daycare, holiday camps, and more. This is how we strive to offer the best indoor playground Ottawa has to offer!

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