Laser tag is a great activity during corporate or birthday party room rentals - here's why!

Why You Should Consider Laser Tag When Booking Party Room Rentals in Ottawa

If you’re planning a corporate event or a birthday party, why not include laser tag as a fun party idea? Laser tag is fun for all ages and is a great opportunity for team building and getting some physical activity. Whether you want to treat staff to a break from work, or have a birthday party to remember, consider booking Ottawa party room rentals with access to play areas, redemption games, and laser tag.

Ice Breaking

Parties with ice-breaking activities help guests relax and get to know people they may not know well or at all. Laser tag is one game where people must split up into teams up, become acquainted, and have fun playing together. Whether they are kids at a birthday party, or adults at a work event, laser tag encourages players to get to know each other, relax, and have fun.

Team Building

In laser tag, players on each team must work together and strategize with a common goal in mind—to win the game. Teamwork is a valuable skill to have both at work and in everyday life, so by playing a team-building game, kids and adults can learn and improve on this skill, becoming successful team players who will work toward a common goal in a productive and respectful way.


A good team player should be able to communicate well with their teammates to improve their chances of winning the game. Laser tag promotes communication because teams would lose without it—i.e. if players warn their teammates of opponents who are nearby, they can hide and avoid being tagged by the opponents.


While laser tag is a competitive game, it is still just a game. Good sportsmanship comes from players remembering this and not being negative about winning or losing. Players can be mindful and good natured, showing respect for the opposing team. Mindfulness of others and being a good sport can benefit players in the game, at work, at school, and in all aspects of life.

Physical Activity

Playing laser tag is one of the more fun ways to get exercise. After a few games, players will have had a healthy dose of exercise and feel better for it. If there is cake and sugary drinks at a kid’s birthday party, then this activity is an excellent way for kids to expend their energy and sleep well after.

Whether your party guests are 10 or 40 years old, fun can be had by all with laser tag. When booking party room rentals in Ottawa, consider these many benefits to playing laser tag for your staff, kids, teens, and anyone who likes a good game.