When kids attend a Barrhaven child care centre, they get an opportunity to develop lasting skills while having fun.

What Your Child Can Learn Through Daycare Experiences

Daycare is a wonderful place for children to gain memorable experiences in a safe and exciting environment. It’s a unique way for children to socialize and have fun with other kids in their age group. Through all the fun and play, they get the opportunity to learn many important life lessons and social skills at an early age by participating in the many great activities daycare has to offer.

Here are just a few of things your child can learn just by playing and having fun in a Barrhaven child care centre:

Nice To Meet You!

Often, daycare is a child’s first experience socializing outside of a family setting. It’s an opportunity for them to meet and play with their peers. They’ll learn how to make new friends and introduce themselves. Under the guided supervision of daycare workers, children can also learn basic social skills, including teamwork, healthy communication, and sharing.

Life Lessons Through Play

Children learn best when they’re relaxed and having fun. That’s why many daycares try to find ways for children to learn while they play. Clean up, washing hands, and other common daily tasks are given a fun angle to engage with children and encourage them to practice these common tasks.

Getting Creative

Walk into any daycare and you’ll find every art supply a child could want. Arts and crafts activities encourage and engage a child’s creativity. These activities also help kids develop motor skills and provide a way for children to express themselves.

Problem Solving

Nothing gets a child’s brain working like having to solve a problem on their own. Problem solving games and activities boost a child’s self-reliance, and helps them understand the relationship between problems, and problem solving tools both physical and mental.

Words and Numbers

For children under 4, enrolment at a daycare can act as a practise run for school. Before they are enrolled in a traditional school setting, children can become accustomed to learning in a scheduled environment amongst their peers. Many daycares incorporate reading, writing, and counting in their daily activities, giving your child’s education a stress-free head-start.

Healthy Communication Skills

Not only do children get to take part in these great activities, they are also taught how to express themselves afterwards. Children are taught how to express any feelings (be it negative or positive) they may have experienced throughout their day in a healthy, and constructive way.

Daycare is a wonderful place for your child to live and learn – all while playing and having fun. They get to experience, and learn a wide variety of important life skills while building many happy memories that will last a lifetime. If you want your child to gain these benefits and more, consider enrolling them in a Barrhaven child care centre today.