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The Indoor Playground as a Classroom, and How Science Says Structured Play Is Educational

All kids play, but their playtime is not always given the time or respect it deserves from adults. Did you know that without playtime, your child’s brain would have trouble developing an imagination, creativity, social skills, problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence, and even the ability to do schoolwork? There have been studies on the effects of play on children’s brains, and scientists are saying playtime is incredibly important for your child’s wellbeing. There are two types of playtime: Unstructured and structured. Unstructured play leaves the child on their own or with a group of friends. They come up with games and “play” on their own, and this is needed to develop all of the necessary brain functions listed above. However, structured play is also very important in the formative years before school starts. If you live in the greater Ottawa area, here is how a Kanata preschool can help with your child’s early educational development.

Kids Learn by Having Fun

Kids love to have fun, but they don’t always love to learn the way we as adults do. Have you ever tried to sit your toddler down to teach him or her colours or the alphabet? They usually prefer to learn in ways that are stimulating. Early child educators have the skills and training to teach young children and prepare them for kindergarten during structured playtime. Sometimes the children don’t even realize they’re learning—they’re so busy having fun that it comes naturally. If you want your child to be prepared for school, consider a preschool in Kanata that also has an indoor playground. ECE workers will teach your child during structured playtime and the indoor playground will give them safe, unstructured play to further their brain development.

Kids Learn Social Skills

During structured playtime, children will often learn how to share and treat one another. These are very important skills for your children to learn as early as they can. Even if you make sure your children have lots of friends and arrange playdates for them, it is not a guarantee that they will learn how to behave around others. Structured playtime is the best scenario for kids to learn these skills.

Kids Learn How to Control Their Emotions

This is for all the parents standing over their screaming child in the grocery store, wondering how to exit the store with the least amount of embarrassment (no judgement here). Preschool-aged children are not very good at controlling their emotions. Every parent knows this all too well, and longs for one full day without an outburst. A good preschool in Kanata will be able to teach your child during structured playtime how to control his or her emotions, and also pass tips to you, the parent so you can continue this education at home.