kids playing in a daycare in ottawa

From Company Christmas Party Ideas to Daycare in Ottawa, an Indoor Playground Has It All

Do you have an indoor playground in your neighbourhood? It’s a pretty great place to take your kids for the day, where they can have fun in a great environment that’s conducive to healthy, active play. But you probably aren’t taking advantage of it beyond that. In fact, these indoor play centres are actually great for a number of uses, such as a daycare in Ottawa, early education centre, birthday party destination, and more—even if you’re scratching your head for company Christmas party ideas (or whatever the occasion may be), an indoor playground may be a perfect fit for you!

Exceptional Daycare in Ottawa

What’s better than a daycare staffed by professional and highly-qualified childcare specialists? How about one set where the fun is? Daycare programs are a great way to make sure that your young ones are looked after while you’re at work, and that they are being cared for by compassionate and professional adults that have their best interests at heart. And beyond daycare, you can even get preschool and early childhood education programs—balanced, of course, with healthy doses of physical activity both outdoors and in the play centre!

Summer and Holiday Camps

Beyond daycare, many indoor playgrounds also provide day camps. A day camp is a great place for children who are past the typical daycare age during holidays when class is out, like on PD Days, over the summer, or at Christmas. These camps are a great way to keep your kids occupied while out of school, since they’re chock full of stimulating activities. And you get the benefit of not having to worry about looking for a reliable babysitter!

Birthday Parties

If you’ve never personally had one of your childhood birthdays at an indoor playground, then you’ve missed out! Why not skip the hassle of cleaning your own house—twice, once before and again after—and trying to figure out how best to fit a group of excited children in your living room, and hit up the local indoor playground? They’ll handle the decorating, the catering, even the cake, while you sit back and let the kids have as much fun as they like in the play area.

A Great Company Christmas Party Idea

Company parties can be a fun way to get to know the people you work with—and when most of the staff have kids, it can also be a headache as people all try to get a babysitter for the same night. Wouldn’t it be great if you could come up with a company Christmas party idea that accommodated both adults and kids? An indoor playground is the ideal destination—while the grownups chat and get to know each other better, the kids are supervised and provided plenty of fun!

From daycare in Ottawa to a party destination, there’s more fun to be had in an indoor playground than you realize!