Following provincial guidelines and advice and of course recommendations from Ottawa Public Health we are opening our doors for summer camps on July 6th!

Please note that we will take every measure necessary to ensure the safety of your children. This includes but is not limited to:


  • We are limiting the amount of children based on cohort and increased staffing


  • We are taking extra sanitization measures for spaces, toys and equipment


  • We are performing screenings and trained staff to look for symptoms


  • We are not permitting visitors


  • We have developed policies and will follow the strict guidelines established by the provincial government.


Space set up and Physical Distancing 

It is recognized that physical distancing will prove challenging for children in a child care setting.  Our staff will encourage children to keep distance, by implementing individualized activities, and placing them strategically around the program.
If a child is to enter another child’s space, they will be encouraged to regain space between them.  We strive to use a teachable and trust building technique, one in which is understood and accepted by the child.  Our staff will ensure the programs are kept calm, and children are not redirected in a stressful manner when distancing is limited.

Cohorts however must and will keep at least 2 meters between each cohort at all times.

Children’s eating areas will be spaced out, by removing one half of the chairs, and spacing the children accordingly around the tables.  Staff will sit with the children to monitor and ensure distancing is kept during meal times.

Dressing to go outside will be done inside the cohorts designated area.  Staff will gather the children’s items from their cubbies and strategically place them on the program floor, to help ensure physical distancing is kept during dressing periods.

Many visual cues will be developed and implemented to help promote distancing within the programs.

Our indoor play facility (Playside) will NOT be used under any circumstances.

Outdoor time will be scheduled to ensure 2 cohorts are not placed beside each other in the outdoor yards.  1 outdoor yard must remain empty between 2 cohorts.   More outdoor time may be permitted when planning requires it to do so.  It must be approved by the supervisor to avoid an overlap between cohorts.

Sleeping cots will be strategically placed and the head to toe pattern will continue to be implemented.


Interactions with Infants and Toddlers

We will continue to encourage staff to supervise and hold bottles for infants who are not yet able to hold their own bottle, to reduce the risk of choking.  When holding infants and toddlers, staff are advised to use blankets or cloths over clothing, between staff and child, and change blankets and cloths between children.

Infants will be placed in every other crib for sleep, and cribs will be clearly labelled with the child’s name.  Cribs in which will not be in use will be clearly labelled “not for use”

In order to promote physical distancing, staff will plan and implement activities that promote distance, and when possible moving outside to allow for more space.

Children will not share food, feeding utensils, soothers, bottles, sippy cups, etc.  Mouthed toys must be removed immediately for cleaning and disinfecting and must not be shared with other children.


All items specific to a child must be labelled.


Food Provision

We will amend our meal practices slightly, by not allowing self-serve or sharing of food at meal times.  Utensils of course will be used to serve all foods, and meals will be served in individual portions to the children.  No items can be shared (Example, ketchup bottle, serving spoons).

No food should be provided by parents/guardians outside the regular meal provisions of the program (except where required and special precautions for handling and serving the food will be followed).  The children will not partake in preparing food or helping staff in serving food, or partake in clean up after eating.

COVID-19 Measures  & Action Plan