A look at how daycare in Orleans can promote physical activity for your child.

A Look at the Benefits of Physical Activity for Children at Daycare in Orleans

Kids need daily physical activity to be healthy and happy. But sometimes, it’s hard for working parents to squeeze in enough activities for their children throughout a busy family schedule. And with the growing amount of time that kids spend in front of screens, it’s no wonder parents are becoming more worried about their kids’ physical well-being. The less time kids spend being physically active, the more risks there are for health concerns.

But daycares can help. For the benefit of children, and for busy parents, quality daycares recognize the importance of daily physical activity for kids and take on the responsibility to get kids moving as much as possible throughout the day.

Here are a few ways a quality daycare in Orleans promotes physical activity for kids and how the kids benefit:

Fresh Air

Daycares get children outside at least once a day, playing games, walking or running around, and enjoying free play in safe playgrounds. This fresh air and physical activity is a great way for kids to expend their energy after being indoors for several hours.

Indoor Playgrounds

An indoor play area is essential for Canadian winters. When the temperature drops and the wind chills become too extreme, kids need a safe playground to enjoy indoors. Indoor playgrounds have many of the same play structures and activities of outdoor playgrounds but without the ice and frigid temperatures of winter weather.

Make Any Activity a Physical Activity

Daycare teachers will find creative ways to get kids moving throughout the day during both play time and learning activities. Whether through dance and song, or moving around the classroom to different learning stations, daycares understand the importance of movement for children who are full of energy.

Physical Health Benefits

The physical health benefits of daily physical activity for children are seemingly endless—from motor and muscle development to improved physical endurance and agility. For kids who get most of their exercise at daycare, these physical activities will offset the risk of childhood obesity and help kids sleep better at night. These daily activities are especially important for kids who spend a lot of time sitting in front of screens at home.

Mental Health Benefits

Children who get enough daily exercise are able to expend their energy, which helps them to deal with everyday stimuli. This results in elevated moods since children are calmer since their energy was expended on fun physical activity rather than being pent up which could have caused them to lash out and throw a tantrum.

Children who are physically active tend to have fewer behavioural problems and are easier to communicate with. Their physical activities at daycare also promote confidence and social skills, so kids can be well-adjusted amongst peers in daycare and throughout their lives.

A daycare that promotes regular physical activity will help keep your children healthy and happy. So if you don’t always have time to take your kids out to play, don’t spend too much time worrying. Your kids will get plenty of exercise and active play time during the day at a quality daycare in Orleans.