Fun indoor activities for kids during Ottawa's harsh winter months.

These Indoor Activities Can Help Keep Kids Busy During the Cold Winter Months

Although most kids love playing in the snow, at times, Ottawa’s winters can be too harsh for outdoor play. To avoid restlessness during the long winter months, kids need to have fun, be creative, and stay active even if they’re stuck indoors. Along with bringing your child to an indoor playground this winter, consider these fun indoor activities for kids in Ottawa to enjoy at home during the long, cold winter months.

Bake Cookies

Baking is a fun activity that will teach your kids new skills while offering delicious results. Find a simple cookie recipe and have your kids help with various steps—from gathering and measuring the ingredients to placing cookies on the baking pan—while you take care of the adult steps, like using the oven.

Build an Obstacle Course

Get your kids moving indoors with an obstacle course using objects from your home. While the number of obstacles is up to you, consider adding these obstacles to the list:

  • Crawl under a row of chairs;
  • Jump in and out of a Hula Hoop five times;
  • Crawl under a string stretched between two chair or table legs;
  • Throw a ball, beanbag, or other objects into a laundry basket;
  • Somersault from point A to point B;
  • Skip in place while singing a jump-rope song;
  • Walk or run while balancing an object—i.e. a beanbag—on your head; and,
  • Do 10 jumping jacks.

Create Clay Sculptures

With lumps of clay, your kids can spend hours creating sculptures and using their imaginations. All you need for this creative art project is clay, paint supplies, and molding tools from your local craft store. Once the sculptures are dry—which may take a few days—your kids will have the added fun of painting their sculptures.

Draw Your Family Tree

Using a large sheet of art paper, you and your kids can draw your family tree. This genealogy project will help your kids understand their family history. And if you get really creative—with colours, paint, markers, and maybe even photos of each family member—you can hang this family tree up in your home for everyone to admire.

Write a Story

If your kids love telling stories, ask them to help you write a story one word at a time. You can both let your imaginations run wild. And once your story is finished, consider turning it into a book with your own illustrations.

With these fun indoor activities for kids in Ottawa, your kids can stay occupied and active for hours during Ottawa’s cold winter weather. These activities will get their minds and their bodies working while encouraging creativity and preventing boredom. Make the most of your time stuck indoors this winter with fun activities to enjoy with your kids.