Healthy Fuel for Active Play

Growing kids need fuel to grow, play, and develop—and of course, so do their parents! The Kids Kafé is our very own on-site dining area, and our menu rivals the best family restaurants in Ottawa. And it’s right next to our playground, so your kids can get right back to the fun as soon as you’re done!

The owners of Kids Kingdom are parents themselves. They understand the concerns of making sure your kids get a full and hearty meal, and making sure it’s made with fresh, healthy, and natural ingredients. We’ve partnered with a local, HACCP-approved supplier to bring in quality ingredients like premium quality meat and fresh produce, which is always locally-sourced when available. We also offer both whole wheat and gluten-free items to accommodate a variety of diets and allergy-related needs. And of course, Kids Kingdom is a nut-free space too!

Due to Covid, we are offering a limited menu while we re-open.

The dining area of our Kids Kafe is clean, comfortable, and inviting. It’s also conveniently located so that you can keep an eye on your kids while you get a coffee or snack for yourself, and has free Wi-Fi and TV screens.

If you have any questions about our Kids Kafe or the ingredients we use, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. There are regular family restaurants in Ottawa, and then there’s Kids Kingdom—why not eat where the fun is?

Food allergies? Aw nuts! We are a NUT FREE facility! We don’t allow outside food into Kids Kingdom in an effort to allow all Kids Kingdom kids a safe environment.

If you have any questions about our food, give us a call at 613-424-8543 or email us at