We know that safety is a parent’s number one priority, so it’s our number one priority, too. Every aspect of Kids Kingdom has been designed with your child’s safety and security in mind.

Equipment Safety Features

All of our equipment, including our Kids Kingdom Castle play structure, have been built to the highest safety standards and meet guidelines established by regulatory groups such as the Codes and Standards Group (CSA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The materials used in building our structures are thick and soft, yet strong and sturdy to ensure your child’s safety at play. We have built our equipment without any sharp corners that could cause injury. Our play structures are also built to be adult-accessible, so that children can be quickly and safely removed by their parents or a Kids Kingdom staff member if necessary. Our durable mesh, for example, provides both accessibility and visibility.

We know that visibility is an extremely important aspect of child safety. All of our play areas are easily visible from the cafe and parents’ lounge, which is located right next to the toddler play area. making it easier for parents to keep an eye on them as they play.

Facility Security

We have taken thorough precautions to ensure Kids Kingdom meets the highest security standards. We have installed the most up-to-date video surveillance equipment throughout our facilities; all key areas, including our outdoor playground, are completely covered. Our building is also fully equipped with a state of the art alarm entry system with fully integrated access to ensure that only Kids Kingdom staff can grant or deny access to the facility

We use a stamping technique to monitor every person who enters and leaves the playside, and to ensure that children can only leave Kids Kingdom with the adult who accompanied them. Every child and his/her accompanying adult(s) are required to get stamped in order to enter the premises and must present their matching stamps in order to leave. No adult or teen is permitted to enter Kids Kingdom without a child. Adults picking up their children from our daycare centre are required to show ID.

Our security experts regularly inspect the facility and all security equipment to ensure that all systems are functioning properly at all times.

Our staff are highly trained in child safety,
and in the safe operation of all our equipment.

If you have any questions about our Safety and Security policies,
give us a call at 613-424-8543 or email us at orleans@kidskingdom.ca